Korcula Adventures

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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We only employ local people, which ensures that there is money being made from these tours which goes directly back into local economy. Our skippers, guides, accommodation providers and transportation services are all within the local community.
As well as this, on all our tours we use local produce and provide authentic and traditional meals, and we encourage our guests to try local dishes and delicacies. This extends to support of small businesses in the community such as locally owned shops, restaurants andwineries.

We also support a variety of associations in the area which are a benefit to the sustainability of the culture, environment and welfare of the area. Our staff was directly involved in a re-forestation project.
We are aware of seasonal changes with tourism andcomplete marketing campaigns in order to encourage people to visit at all times of year - therefore givingbenefit to the economy, as well as the environment.

Environmental responsibility

We provide tours and accommodation in our own Captain's Villa Sokol for small groups (up to 14 people). With small groups we can minimize negative and maximize positive effects of tourism in environmentregardless of location (whether it'san island, beach, sea, national park or urban region).
Wherever possible we use accommodation providers which support efforts of good environmental practices such as recycling and conservation of water and energy such as our Captain's Villa Sokol solar heating and solar energy system which is spread all over the apartments, eliminating the need for electrical boilers.
All waste after serving lunch on board is separated and transported back to the island daily for recycling. We also recycle all of our waste paper and brochures and carry out our correspondance and promotion online, therefore minimising our use of paper.
We support the proper treatment of wildlife and this extends to our Yacht. Our boat's properller propulsion is at a level which makes it safe for marine life and for those who would like to snorkel or swim around the boat.

Social responsibility

Being thatthe accommodation is provided in our own Captain's Villa Sokol, the guests are exposed to a more authentic experience and have the opportunity to learn a lot about life in Croatia. Our local guides go even further to educate and inform guests on tours about local culture, history and habits. For example, we visit National park Island Mljet, Park of Nature Island Lastovo and theold city walls of Dubrovnik on a weekly basis with full briefing.