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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We keep good relations with our local community and receive a great support for our activities. During our 7 days program we provide our guests three vegetarian meals a day inspired by local island cuisine, using fresh, nutrient-rich, seasonal and organic ingredients from local suppliers and manufacturers wherever possible like homemade jams, honey, olive oil, vinegar, spices, pastry, cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables. We also provide amenities for the bathroom all-natural home-made on neighboring Island Brac.
Employing local materials and craftsmen is important to us, their specific skills of traditional woodworking and stone processing are rarely found and valuable for maintenance of premises and further development. Warm, tentative, helpful and friendly staff, all living on island Vis, is dedicated to creating a relax atmosphere and homely feeling for guests. We often collaborate with local tour guides that have invaluable knowledge and life experience in presenting the island, its spirit and important features during tours with our guests.
We encourage guests to buy products that are made locally (wine, honey, jams, sweets, souvenirs) Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of this place. We take every opportunity to bring a spirit of collaboration together and to inspire local entrepreneurs to dream bigger and to grow faster and stronger, thus encouraging our guests to explore and visit local towns, villages, fishermen, farmers, craftsmen, artists…And all that preferably on bicycles that they can rent in local shop.

Environmental responsibility

We strive to offer our guests an environmentally-friendly accommodation to the furthest extent possible – without compromising on our quality of service. Our accommodation was built and renovated in harmony with its surrounding forest and Mediterranean vegetation using materials found in nature – stones and wood – respecting the original architectonic structure and the old tradition of the typical Dalmatian house. Local entrepreneurs participated in realization of this project. During renovations, we had an open door for all islanders who had the need to take advantage of old furniture and appliances and take it away for free.

All bedrooms are fitted with linens manufactured from organic cotton, as well as towels, which are changed once a week. Guests are encouraged to reuse their towels. We reuse old, worn towels as rags. Recycled toilet paper and paper towels are used. Energy saving light bulbs are used wherever possible, for instance in interior corridors and exterior outdoor lights for which burn time is very long, motion detectors are installed in some. We encourage guests to turn lights, TV and air conditioning off when leaving rooms. We have low energy equipment and electrical devices such as fridges, microwaves, cookers and high efficiency air-condition.
Office machines, photocopiers and computers, and other equipment (TV) are turned off completely when not in use for an extended period of time. Copy paper is eco-labelled.The cleaning fluids and laundry detergent used are eco-labelled and environmentally approved. We have water saving devices fitted to reduce water consumption: low flush WCs fitted and water saving devices installed in WCs.
To conserve precious water we designed the system that directs rainfall to cisterns. Conserving water is a necessity on the island, especially during the dry months July and August. A drip-irrigation system keeps the garden landscaping lush without wasting water.
The water on island is safe for drinking, so we advise our guests to restrain from buying disposable plastic bottles.

The accommodation is equipped with separate waste bins for recycling glass, paper, plastic, cans and food waste. We return plastic bottles to local recycling center. We reuse toner cartridges. Kitchen scraps and coffee grinds serve as high nutrient compost for our organic herb garden.Electrolysis system that we use for water treatment in the swimming pool contributes in more ecological and healthier improving the quality of the water without using chemical products.

Social responsibility

Vis is one of the most distant islands from the mainland and one of the ten most environmentally preserved islands in the Mediterranean. It is our home. Our everyday life is all about little things we do in order to sustain it like it is. We therefore take every opportunity to acquaint guests with their new surroundings, to understand, enjoy and appreciate the natural world and local community and educate them about how they can make a positive contribution to local biodiversity and conservation efforts. We strive to give our guests true experience of life on island, the unwritten laws, habits and deeper profound insight of historical and cultural winds that have blown here for centuries and formed the oasis that Vis is today. Apart from local excursions oriented towards exploring breathtaking villages, sights, beaches, bays and caves, we offer them unique opportunity to dive into history and relate to lives of ancient traditional fishermen and sailors. In a very attractive presentation of “falkusa”, the ancient wooden fishing boat, guests are invited to experience sailing and rowing, while learning about traditional sailing and fishing techniques, life and habits of Island people in previous centuries, their joys and sorrows, their coexistence with wildlife and nature.

Led by belief that business can be truthful, transparent and mindful while contributing to its community, we are proud to continuously support the local community projects: anti-drug program in schools, establishment of island entrepreneurial association, music association, numerous summer cultural events and celebrations…

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