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At our company, our inspired local specialists will share Greece's hidden treasures. You will see the parts that the tourist crowd will miss. Enjoy the real Greece with Chryssie and like- minded people to experience a different take on the classic Mediterranean holiday destination. We guarantee you'll want to return again and again!
Member since: 10 Apr 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- We help funnel money back into the community through our tourism and ensure that the local community benefits from our visit.
- We advise travellers to buy locally farmed produce, locally made crafts and souvenirs; often we offer opportunities. Where visitors are involved in making e.g pottery, embroideries ,glass etc.
- In Greece tourism can help stabilize rural (and not only) communities by providing much needed employment and give powerful economic reasons to preserve shrinking natural environments and rural communities. We involve and support local people as much as possible.

Environmental responsibility

- We understand that every destination is someone else’s home and we should leave places as we would like to find them – we care for the environment . For example, we clean beaches, we clear walking paths,we leave water for birds and other animals, esp. in summer when it is difficult to find.

- Some of our itineraries include opportunities to view local wildlife in protected areas. We have strict animal welfare standards to ensure that the animals are not disturbed or exploited in any way. We use dim light at night ,avoiding light pollution , we are careful with
noise, esp. when it is nesting time.

- Our accommodations whenever possible operate in a sustainable way. We ask clients to turn off lights, fans, appliances when leaving the room. Recycle cans, paper and plastic when facilities exist.

- Special guidelines for visiting historic sites. Some of our itineraries offer opportunities to visit ancient places and many Unesco World Heritage Sites. We advise travellers to respect signage, take photos only where permitted and leave no litter – do not attempt to bring
home any rocks or stones for souvenir….

Social responsibility

- We encourage clients to eat at locally owned restaurants rather than global multi-national companies which they are familiar with at home.
- As well as providing travellers with more authentic experience of local cuisine and culture , this supports local businesses and maintain their traditions in terms of cuisine and cooking methods , which are in danger of extinction in some parts of Greece. The Tavernas we use are mostly family-run. Mothers and grand-mothers are the chefs… and younger members help with all the rest! Often tomatoes are grown in the back garden , next to the delicious peppers and aubergines for the…Stuffed” recipe….
- We work hard to ensure we are welcomed in the places we all love to visit and building good relationships is paramount to this!

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