Barcelona Zero Limits

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Barcelona Zero Limits Incoming is a travel agency specialized in inclusive Tourism. We make Catalonia & Spain accessible for all, offering the best accessible hotels, activities and adapted transport. All of which have been tested by us in order to make your stay a unique experience. We promote inclusive tourism offering a personalized service, adapted to each particular customer’s need. We are specialized in tourism for people with mobility problems, however our activities can be enjoyed by everyone!
Member since: 14 Apr 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We aim to promote the normalisation of accessible travellers as no holds-barred travellers. We specialise in
• Helping to ease the holiday experience for them
• Providing special editions of guide books, circuits and routes.
• Promoting social and competition events.

• Ethics and transparency with social vocation of helping most disadvantaged people thus helping them and opening up travel which supports local economies economically

Environmental responsibility

Barcelona ZeroLimits is a member Barcelona sustainable tourism and reinforces its commitment to the promotion of sustainable tourism in the city with the creation of the programme Barcelona Sustainable Tourism in 2012, which encourages the participation of enterprises that are working to ensure environmental, cultural and socio-economic sustainability. The programme brings together establishments and services that make it possible to enjoy the city sustainably.

We offer you a professional partner in Barcelona & Spain and the support of the associations that we are members of:

• ACAVE (Catalan Specialized Travel Agencies)
• ECTAA (The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operator's Association)
• ASTA (American Society Travel Agencies)
• ENAT ( Member)

Social responsibility

Our activities are always focused on culture and gastronomy. We look for those particular activities that make a country special. We like to offer something different.

- Companies, large or small, are not abstract entities, they are people, and we aim to create relationships between people (as opposed to just business to business or business to client). We are available 24 hours a day, assisted by an emergency number, attended by a senior member of our staff, our clients will feel secure knowing that they are being looked after by people who care. We are always on the other side, serving.

- Confidence is obtained with effective and honest work. We exist thanks to the mutual trust between customers and suppliers. It is the building block of all our business. At Barcelona Zero Limits incoming services we take great pride in the confidence that our clients have placed in our work. Our clients give us the responsibility to serve and we do it with enthusiasm and knowledge.

- We organize and offer hotel accommodation, as well as transport, tour guides, and all kinds of services to organize your trip; always with the highest quality of service and price.

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