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Sankalp Volunteer is India’s leading gap year travel and volunteer activity provider and offers various volunteering opportunities in India. This company acts as a volunteer recruitment unit for Sankalp Volunteer Society and invites individuals, couples, groups, families and students to join various volunteer programs in India by way of interaction with local communities through customized work experiences and cultural activities. We’ve been welcoming students and travellers to India for many years now.
Member since: 23 Apr 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • The company is consistently donating to its projects. Since project participants are in need and therefore they are to be provided all sorts of material as per the nature of the project. In addition to that we provide on routine basis items/materials such as:
  • Orphanage program: We provides diapers, baby food etc. on daily and regular basis for the children. Sponsoring education to kids.
  • Street children education Project: Running a formal school near the slum since 2008 and giving free education to more than 40 street kids. The kids are provided with all school supplies, uniforms, games and refreshments regularly.
  • Women empowerment program: the company provides computers and internet facilities to volunteers to teach the girls and women.
    Also, we have employed local people on the coordinator position for all the above projects.

Environmental responsibility

In terms of environmental responsibility we are doing a number of things: 
1. Reusing our old printer cartridges, and refilling them.
2. Using the paper on both sides.
3. Recycling old newspaper.
4. Motivating volunteers to use the black board and chalk in the classroom, instead of printed multiple Photocopy.
5. Encouraging volunteers to drink the water system water (safe drinking water), so that they don’t buy bottled water.
6. Motivating volunteers to turn off the electricity switches if not in use.
7. Sending all the information by email like hand book etc.

Social responsibility

  • We ensure that our volunteers become a responsible traveller; for that we organize a long orientation on next day of their arrival where we give them a brief introduction about India and its culture.
  • We have some rules and regulations for volunteers with regards to Indian culture and society e.g. we explain to our volunteers about the social status of women in India, and give them some tips on moving around India, what to wear and how to behave.
  • The volunteers are not allowed to smoke publicly; and we suggest to them that they wear Indian dress outside the volunteer house, etc.

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