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We are husband and wife team offering small group activity holidays from our converted 17th century farmhouse, now a comfortable guesthouse in a quiet village in the Spanish Pyrenees. All our activity weeks make the most of our proximity to the spectacular National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, a UNESCO world heritage site and part of the Geopark of Sobrarbe, Aragon. Accommodation is on a full board basis with spacious rooms, original wooden beamed ceilings, ensuite bathrooms and luxurious rain showers powered by our geothermal heat pump. We also offer B&B and tailor made outdoor activities using local guides.
Member since: 29 Apr 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Since 2011 we have employed between 3 and 4 local builders for the restoration of our farmhouse. We currently still employ 2 builders full time for landscaping of the grounds and the building of our underground garage, complete with vegetable garden roof!
  • We have contracted local teachers, biologists and guides for our excursions and use local minibus taxis for our excursions and airport transfers.
  •  During the week, guests have the opportunity to try local restaurants and buy in the small village shops. Those wanting to visit our local village chapel of San Urbez are encouraged to leave a donation for the ongoing restoration work of this historic building and its contents

Environmental responsibility

  • Within the guesthouse we recycle our rainwater using a 10,000 litre tank and plan to install a separate 3000l rainwater tank purely for our washing machine. The bathrooms are fitted with water saving devices on the taps and have modern thermostatic eco-showers. All toilets are fitted with dual flush to save water. The house is heated using a geothermal heat source pump, generating 4kw in heating and hot water for every 1kw of electricity used. We separate, recycle or reuse as much waste as possible: All vegetable matter is composted, all protein waste is used as pet food, and all inorganic waste is taken to the local recycling bins (card, paper- once used on both sides, plastics, tins, glass, ink cartridges).
  • We live within and support the Sobrarbe Geopark (a UNESCO site of particular geological importance). Lucy is a qualified Geopark guide, with the aim of both promoting the Geopark and educating visitors on how we can best protect the landscape.
  • Through several of our holidays we promote and support the local foundation for the protection of the rare Lammergeier (FCQ), or bearded vulture. This in turn helps funding with the breeding programme of this magnificent bird, here, in our valleys.


Social responsibility

  • We have made a huge investment in the village, restoring an historic building which had fallen into disrepair, like so many of the buildings in the local villages. The entire valley has suffered from economic migration and depopulation since the 1960’s. A few farming families have stayed on and tourism is slowly growing. We aim to help sustain the life in our village and region, encouraging people from overseas to come all year round and not just during the peak Spanish holiday season.
  • Our Learn Spanish week focuses on Aragonese Village culture, allowing a privileged insight into remote mountain villages where traditions and crafts have changed little over the centuries. Other weeks include visits to local vineyards, a local goats cheese producer, honey farm, and even a local brewery.
  • We employ local guides and specialists, offering them English classes where needed. On a village level, we actively campaign for the preservation of the area both from a natural and cultural point of view. We continue to campaign for the preservation of our church (badly in need of repair). We actively support the recuperation of the pilgrim routes of our local village saint “San Urbez” , the ancient “Camino de San Urbez” which runs past our land. In fact one of our planned holidays is for a footpath clearing week/long weekend to help maintain these incredible mountain pathways.