Experience Argentina

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Experience Argentina is a destination management company based in Argentina that provides bespoke tours and a custom travel service throughout Argentina & neighbouring countries. There are a wide variety of destinations and suggested itineraries and activities within Argentina and neighbouring countries that you can choose from and ‘add-on’ to your travel itinerary. With your input, we help you design a travel itinerary tailored to your individual tastes and requirements. Whether you are an independent traveller, mature couple, honey-mooners or a group, we can cater to your preferences, schedule and budget.
Member since: 29 Jun 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We employ and contract the services of local people throughout Argentina, using accommodation of small local suppliers and not multinational chains. Our “national first” policy gives preference to local products and also encourages our clients to consume local handicrafts at local markets.
  • We have a “study-time” holiday for employees who are undertaking any further education courses.
  • A percentage of all profits is donated to a charity that provides a “reinsertion program” for vulnerable adolescents that have dropped out of the formal education system.

Environmental responsibility

  • In the office; we have a minimum use paper policy whereby all travel itineraries, reservations and confirmations are sent to customers and maintained by us in PDF format. Any paper used is used double sided and any waste paper and cardboard in recycled. All ink and toner cartridges are refilled and reused. All our furniture has previously been owned and was purchased at auctions.
  • We check the environmental credentials of all our suppliers and service providers before doing business with them.
  • All guides are trained in ecology and have a zero footprint policy when entering national parks and protected areas. All wildlife guides are trained in conservation and animal protection.

Social responsibility

  • We only use accommodation providers that comply with the law and have an active policy & procedure to eliminate child abuse, prostitution and people trafficking.
  • All our tours contribute to the local community by providing our clients access to their customs, products, music and language in each destination, for instance visiting the local “Penas” (a local show of music and dance in the region of Salta). We visit local projects such as “students for wildlife protection” in the Ibera region of Corrientes.
  • For our fishing tours, we only work with providers that have a “catch and release” policy.