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Bespoke Brazil creates tailor-made holidays to Brazil. We can handle every aspect of your holiday down to the smallest detail. Al our trips can be tailored to your specific needs with the help of our years of experience. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon, a family adventure or a guided tour of the country, we can help with all due to our unrivalled contacts in Brazil. For those seeking luxury in Brazil then we work with a number of exclusive beach villas and private yachts providing a level of comfort that is unsurpassed.
Member since: 23 Jul 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • A cornerstone of our operating procedure is that we pay all suppliers in a timely manner. This is enormously important to the types of suppliers that we use as they are generally small. In addition we find that this means that our clients are particularly well looked after as the suppliers enjoy their relationship with us.
  • Where possible we also ensure that local partners are owned by local people rather than by foreigners. In the small number of cases where this has not been possible the foreign owner permanently resides in the country concerned and therefore we feel that the tourism wealth is still primarily being retained.
  • The vast majority of our tailor-made itineraries utilise tourist guides to take our clients around important sites. These guides are always local, without exception. Our experience is that our clients greatly enjoy the insight into the local culture and way of life that can be provided by a local guide.

Environmental responsibility

  • Our primary partner in Brazil is the only Brazil based operator with the Travelife certificate of sustainable tourism. From the various initiatives in the field of sustainable tourism, we have selected Travelife for offering tour operators a helpful set of tools which enable them to reduce the negative impact of their activities on the environment. In line with Travelife requirements our local partner has developed an action plan and has implemented measures that resulted in a reduction of the use of paper, water, electricity, and provide efficient waste-management in the office. Efforts extend to suppliers: local agents, hotels, lodges and others who have received information on sustainable practices and who have been invited to provide us with any information on sustainable activities and projects of their own that have already been put into practice.
  • Our office is located in a ‘green building’. A few examples of this are that the lights automatically switch off when the office is vacated, all water is recycled where possible and the toilets are flushed by rainwater. We operate an almost exclusively paper free office, the only exceptions being areas beyond our control such as paper bank statements, registration documents etc.
  • We also prefer to recommend hotels which do not negatively impact on their environment. Brazil, despite its flourishing economy, is still very much a developing country in terms of tourism, however there are a number of hotels at the forefront of sustainability projects creating environmentally low impact properties which mould into their surroundings.

Social responsibility

  • All of our itineraries are conducted in conjunction with carefully selected local partners that have been rigorously vetted to ensure that they operate in a responsible manner. The companies we work with similarly share our belief in responsible tourism. Many of our suppliers are members of ABETA, a Brazilian organisation whose aim it is to promote sustainability within the tourism sector and to encourage more people to adhere to such beliefs.
  • When selecting hotels we generally look for smaller establishments that are locally owned, rather than large international chain hotels. This not only ensures that money stays within the local community but also usually provides a better experience for our clients. Smaller establishments often provide a level of service that is not often replicated in larger properties. In addition the staff and suppliers for smaller locally owned hotels are almost always from within the country concerned which retains tourist wealth.
  • Our primary focus is on social rather than environmental projects as these are more prevalent in Brazil and elsewhere in South America such as the Morrinho favela project which we encourage clients to visit when on holiday in Rio de Janeiro.

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