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We are a Yangon-based travel and tour company with a wealth of experience in the Myanmar (Burma) tourism industry, and we aim to bring the most exciting tours and highest standards of service to this exotic and fast-changing country. A joint venture founded by a British entrepreneur and a local businessman with over 20 years experience in Myanmar tourism, we offer an intimate knowledge of the local landscape with our country-wide networks; charismatic and knowledgeable guides; and 30-strong team of Myanmar locals, who have years of experience dealing with customers from across the world.
Member since: 12 Aug 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • All our staff (except our founder) are Myanmar locals. These enthusiastic young professionals come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds, and they receive continual on-the-job training-including customer relations, English-language communications, and general career development.
  • Our guides throughout Myanmar are also locals, and wherever possible, we use indigenous ethnic groups, contributing to the local economy in remote areas, and giving our customers a more insightful and enjoyable experience. Where possible we also employ social enterprises to supply materials, for example, locally-made gifts for customers.
  • We donate money and gifts to monastic schools at various locations that our tours go to ( a monastery education is often the only kind available in many villages around the country). We also contribute to emergency relief funds, giving as situations arise.

Environmental responsibility

  • Our staff and guides are trained in responsible travel practices, including ethical and sustainable development; culturally sensitive issues; and waste control and resources control.
  • In the various national parks we visit, we adhere to the strictest guidelines on environmental awareness, and protection, and we educate visitors on the issues, local fauna & flora and the local ecosystem.
  • We offer carbon-neutral tour programmes, offsetting the impact of flights and car and bus travel with tree planting and other initiatives. We also encourage the use of public transport and bikes for our staff and guests, and can give advice about this, and also promote the use of horse & cart in the more remote regions. Overall we work with guides, suppliers, and accommodations providers to encourage the reduction of environmental impacts of travel in areas such as waste and water.

Social responsibility

  • Myanmar is a land of huge diversity with over 180 languages spoken, and our use of local guides with life-long knowledge of a wide range of localities means that they are aware of the nuances of local cultures; this brings a focus on preserving these cultures and provides a more interesting and educational experience for visitors.
  • In terms of physical cultural heritage, ancient structures in Myanmar are sometimes restored insensitively indeed this has so far stopped UNESCO from awarding World Heritage status to Bagan. Our guides are, amongst other things, selected for their understanding of the need to preserve these sites and their ability to impart this knowledge to visitors.
  • In order to feed back into local economies, we always use locally-owned accommodation where possible and encourage visitors to buy from legitimate local markets selling locally-produced goods.