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Everyone working for us shares a passion for travel. We love exploring India and sharing our insights when you get in touch with us. Instead of doing hours of research, let our specialists do the legwork. We’ll customize an amazing experience for you. Enjoy the peace of mind you deserve while we take care of all the details.
Member since: 12 Aug 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We donate money to local charities, and have done since our start. One example is sponsoring lunches at a local blind school The Sharp Memorial, for those that have been abandoned by their parents.
  • We employ local people for our tours, from guides to drivers, and teach them valuable skills so that they can go on to find other work. Employing locals ensures that economical benefits of tourism are spread throughout.
  • We include in our itineraries stops to local projects, such as slum tours and Sheroes Hangout Café, supporting them through our custom. Sheroes café is run by acid attack victims, and aims to rehabilitate these victims and remind society that they are still part of the community and to prevent further attacks. This is a pay as you wish scheme, but we encourage our guests to give generously

Environmental responsibility

  • We vet and make sure that all our ground handlers have a green policy in place, and that they adhere to this throughout.
  • We actively seek out hotels and brands in general that have environmental policies. One example is CGH, which operate in the South of India. This stands for Clean, Green Hotels, and the name says it all! We believe that our customers and locals will benefit more from environmentally aware brands such as this.
  • When organising a tour we will always try and incorporate as much information about how to be green as possible. From recommending public transport where possible, re-0fillable water bottles, to energy saving behaviour in the hotels, all these small things make a difference, and ensure that we do our bit to make sure India remains beautiful.

Social responsibility

  • We incorporate visits to local charity organisations, such as Shardoes Café, ensuring that we both support the local economy, and the social charities that have been set up around the country.
  • We incorporate local experiences into all our tours, making them unique, and helping to preserve the cultures across India. This includes spending time with artists, spending a day at an elephant sanctuary, and slum tours, which all highlight a different area, which we feel is important, to get the whole experience of the country, and to spread the benefits of tourism.
  • India is a very social area, there are many chances for you to be amazed throughout. When on our tours we explain to our customers the best ways to behave and dress, so that no offence is cause, particularly in religious areas, ensuring a healthy social relationship between locals and tourists. Our local guides have in depth knowledge of the regions visited, so provide a great education to the real India.