Warm Penguin

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We are a fully licenced guest house, located in the beautiful Pelion peninsula. The house was built in the late 19th Century, and has been beautifully restored, and is ideally based for exploring the area. We are now expanding into excursions and packages between Athens and Pelion.
Member since: 01 Sep 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Employment in rural Greece is important, and as a Country that relies on its tourism massively, we make sure to hire all our staff locally, contributing to the economy in areas where alternatives are few.
  • With our close ties to the community we buy produce from, and can recommend the hidden gems of the area, including shops and restaurants. This adds to the economy of the close knit area we operate in.
  • We also source indirect work locally, and when restoring the building we used local builders. All services required are hired within the area, including builders, mechanics and window cleaners.

Environmental responsibility

  • Not exploited or used for mass tourism development, Pelion has remained untouched due to its ‘off the beaten track’ location, being at a distance from major airports & cities. Our policy over the last 5 years has been to develop authentic activities reflecting these qualities and to do this we are helped by a network of trusted professional guides who are chosen not only by their service but also through their contribution in maintaining and working in harmony with the local environment.
  • Our walking & cycling guides have initiated a program to open and maintain many of these which traverse much of the most beautiful scenery so that visitors now can enjoy them; our sailing partners only operate from classic wooden sail yachts using wind power; our Greek cookery courses use local organic produce & local varieties etc. In this way, all our trips maximise both the positive environmental impact and enjoyment.
  • Our base, a renovated traditional Pelion stone mansion with one meter thick stone walls is itself an ecologically friendly building and was designed to maintain a constant living temperature during Summer & Winter without need for air conditioning. Recently we invested in environmentally friendly systems for water and energy conservation such as heat on demand sinks in the kitchen area, a heat pump system for the general hot water use with a high energy efficiency negating the use of Petrol or Gas, and conversion of all our lighting to LED along with movement sensitive lighting in the most used areas.

Social responsibility

  • As a small guesthouse, we contribute directly to employment in the area, as all our staff live locally.
  • When restoring the house we did not expand it, as we wanted to get to know our guests and not overwhelm the local area with the mass tourism approach, which has proven so destructive, and allows our guests and the locals to interact and learn from each other.
  • We work with our staff to ensure they receive good pay and training, allowing them to continue their careers in the hospitality sector, or elsewhere. We treat all our staff with respect, who are therefore happier, and provide better service for all our customers.