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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We work with camps that impact directly on communities by training and employing local staff.
  • We work with local communities such as Kimana Maasai Manyatta and support Kibo primary school with book purchases, donations and tree planting.
  • We work with local guides ensuring that money generated from the tours goes back into local pockets.

Environmental responsibility

  • We do not produce any printed brochure material. We use one electronic template to create a custom file sent to a prospective client, we do not store multiple copies of this file which also minimises our digital usage as well as carbon footprint. Clients are provided with electronic workshop material to further reduce the impact of transport and paper usage.
  • We utilise eco-friendly camps and lodges that use green energy as much as possible. This can include solar power, heat exchange systems and limiting power usage. We also insure that these camps have a procedure to transport and supply unused food and resources to local communities especially those in need.
  • Local guides ensure that guests are aware of environmental issues affecting the area they are travelling through as well as best practices for viewing wildlife etc. 

Social responsibility

  • We support Kibo primary school with educational supplies and tree planting.
  • Guests are also encouraged to visit the school and make donations.
  • We also visit two villages to help support micro businesses and give guests the opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions.

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