El Paraiso De Ayotoxco

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Our company tour and hotels are located in central Mexico, built with local resources by local people. Our lodges are eco friendly in many ways, such as solar heaters, solar light power and bio-gas made through bacteria digestion, and built with bamboo, river stones and wood, minimizing the use of cement. The tour is designed to enable tourists to get deep inside local cultures without affecting their roots, improving the local economy since we only employ locals, buy groceries and amenities from local artisans, but also prioritize the protection of the nature, as we believe nature is beautiful as it is.
Member since: 05 Oct 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We believe tourism should help local communities and we therefore only employee local well paid workers, most of them indigenous.
  • Around 70 direct persons work in the hotels, and at least another 50 families get an indirect benefit from the visits we do.
  • We buy most of our groceries from local markets, where we buy supplies, and guests are encouraged to buy something from them too. 
  • We help the turtle foundation with species preservation via donations. Besides donating we also bring guests along to help support the project, usually learning about the complicated process of this job

Environmental responsibility

  • The tours and hotels we partner with are very conscious of the environment.
  • As tour operators we encourage recycling and waste management. We use recycled plastic bottles and we use a medium sized bus to allow us to transport small groups in one vehicle. Inside the hotels there are bikes, horses and walking route to encourage guests to explore the area in as low a polluting way as possible.
  • Partner hotels are very ecological, with solar panel for electricity, solar heather for water, and a "bio bag" that produces gas used in kitchen and organic fertilizer through bacteria digestion, the ranch hotel has no air conditioner, only fans, while in the beach they got them but guest are encourage not to use them. As for the amenities everything is organic, bought locally from artisans, soap, shampoo, laundry soap, most of the groceries come from local vendor and farmers, grown organic.

Social responsibility

  • We are large supporters of the communities, as we all hire only local workers with higher incomes than average. 
  • While staying in the ranch hotel you can see all natives workers, with full families working now and then. It has a volunteer program that revolves around teaching English to the workers and their children after school hours.
  • On the beach you can visit the pyramids and buy locally from artisans, or attend class with children and spend time with them, or support the turtle foundation. Town people are very friendly and got a big heart for welcoming guests from around the globe.

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