HC Bike Tours

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HC Bike Tours provides all-inclusive, SAG van supported and guided cycling tours anywhere in Europe. We focus on hard-core cycling and tours for keen riders. We do race viewing tours and custom group tours
Member since: 12 Oct 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We employ local people from Latvia (the company is registered in Latvia).
  • We hire and consult local specialists from all countries where we go to help us guide our guests and explore countries more like locals.
  • We aim to stay in local rural small hotels, villas or farms run by locals. We enjoy eating in local family run restaurants.

Environmental responsibility

  • We support clean environments and stand for active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Our company is based on active, nature friendly lifestyle.
  • HC Bike Tours are environmentally friendly company and we are promoting cycling as a part of transportation and a perfect way how to explore other countries and be more into nature. We try to avoid driving in a car/van as much as possible.

Social responsibility

  • When we take our guests on bike tours in Europe, we try to educate them about the local history, culture and let them enjoy local small hotels and perfect traditional meals.
  • We stop at many sightseeing places if it`s an exploring tour or climb most popular climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees.

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