The FIT Holiday Company

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For over 20 years we have been successful in helping people achieve their personal wellbeing & fitness goals. Our Wellness & Fitness regimes are based on a unique 3-step philosophy to ensure the best long term results as well as the best experience for you. With our highly reputable Active Holidays, we are certain of the quality of the results we can offer to you. Our aim to improve the customer’s daily routines and vitality has never dimmed in the years we've been offering our services. We strive to reward you with valuable and special time during your stay
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We employ locally based staff. Our dedicated team is made up of locally based people, working and living on the Costa del Sol. Next to our team and the on-site staff, we work closely with locally based people who make a world of difference to the success of our holidays: drivers, walking guides, doctors, housekeepers, chefs and therapists. Unemployment is high in this area of Spain where young people are moving out of the towns & villages to cities to find work. So, by working with locally based people, we know that our holidays are helping to keep local families together by allowing them to make a good living by entering the hospitality industry.
  • Local Buying – We purchase 95% of our supplies from the Malaga region, ensuring our consumption of food, supplies, etc. does not have the additional burden of high travel mileage. The remaining food is purchased from the rest of Spain or Portugal.
  • Our team love where they live and truly are the soul of the area, bringing genuine colour and a wealth of information that cannot be found in a guide book.

Environmental responsibility

  • We take Responsible Tourism and our environmental impact very seriously. We recycling all our glass, metals, Tetra packs and plastic We us re-usable biodegradable bidons instead of plastic bottles is one of them. Our merchandise is made where possible from Organic Cotton/ Recycled/ Eco-Friendly materials. Water supplying our hot water boiler is pre-heated by Solar Power reducing the need to consume vast quantities of CO2 producing fuel. We do not heat the outdoor swimming pools as this luxurious activity is unnecessary and harmful to the environment. Heated pools consume huge quantities of fuel or electricity, producing unnecessary emission. Additionally heated swimming pools lose enormous quantities of precious water to evaporation due to their higher temperature. All bedrooms offer Eco-Key system, which means if your key is not in the socket, the lights/ airco/ TV etc. will turn off.
  • We have made huge effort in means and methods of reducing Carbon Emission and Carbon Footprint, so that our guests can enjoy the wonders of Andalucia, safe in the knowledge that their enjoyment of their holiday is not ‘Costing the Earth’. We embarked on a reduction programme in all our carbon producing activities and all the inevitable remaining CO2 emission will be offset by contributing in 2016 to CO2 reduction projects worldwide.
  • One of the biggest contributors of CO2 in any vacation is the emissions generated by the flight to your destination. We provide an opportunity for all our guests to make a voluntary contribution to our Offset programme in order to neutralise the CO2 generated by their flight to Malaga.

Social responsibility

  • Health, vitality and responsibility are the most fundamental values of The Fit Holiday Company. We truly believe that each and every person should have these values high on their list. When you feel healthy and responsible, you are stronger, more energetic and able to help and give value to others. It is our goal to inspire others through leading by example: living an active, healthy and responsible lifestyle ourselves, is most important to us. What do you have, if you do not have your health and your values?
  • We aim to make our communities better places for people to live and work in. We work hard and hold ourselves accountable. We strive for excellence and we’ll always do the right, honest and ethical thing. We hope that this has a positive effect on both the community and our guests,