Elite Travel Croatia

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Elite Travel DMC was founded in 2001 with a mission of providing superior travel service with the highest possible standards, for all our clients and business partners. We are a full service destination management company, providing expert advice and personalized travel planning. We are proud to have a group of experienced, highly educated professional and travel enthusiast. Elite Travel currently employs 70 multilingual professionals. Additionally, we employ over 75 enthusiastic and well-experienced tourism personnel. Over the years we established excellent contacts with our service suppliers and educated them about our client's desires and requests, thereby enabling us to guarantee high quality services.
Member since: 30 Oct 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We encourage sustainable tourism within our country and beyond, so we hire local people throughout (managers, guides, drivers etc.) and local people are able to benefit from our guests.
  • Every month we donate money to charity (we pick one cause every month) and all employees give 3 euros (per person) to that cause.
  • We support the local community by providing vehicles and boats for schools and kindergartens – their day trips in nature (promoting outdoor way of life). We also support eco organisation Eko Ombli?i, Lions Club, swimming club “JUG”, National Park Krka and Dva skalina association (for children with special needs).

Environmental responsibility

  • We pay a lot of attention to office recycling:
    - Duplex printing
    - Investing in good bins and labelling
    - Have a recycling awareness day
    - Turning off our computers when we are going home
  • We ask our guests not to feed, fish, hunt and disturb animals whilst exploring our country.
  • Local guides know their environments like no one else and help guests to navigate them responsibly.

Social responsibility

  • Our tours include visits to local wine producers, oil producers, cheese producers, local households and family run hotels etc.
  • We are helping to  preserve local silk heritage in Konavle region (near Dubrovnik)
  • We encourage our guests to buy local food and to eat in local restaurants (helping the local people to build their business after the war). Buy local, eat local and live like a local!