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Being a tour operator and travel designer since 2007 and mostly known under 2 different brand names, Cambodia Cycling and Indochina Adventure. Our main goal is to provide safe and genuine experience to the clients.
Member since: 01 Dec 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Together with Asian Square Restaurant, we have organized charity bike ride in August 2014, and we have raised USD10,000 for Angkor Hospital for Children. In August 2015, we have organized the 2nd Charity Bike Ride for Angkor Hospital for Children with 650 participants and have raised USD13,000 for Angkor Hospital for Children.
  • Cambodia Cycling has also been supporting the young Siem Reap Cycling Club that costs around USD5,000 to USD6,000 a year.
  • Furthermore, we only employ local guides and drivers to accompany our clients, which we feel is an important way of keeping money in the country but also in offering our clients a Ďrealí experience of Cambodia. All food in the lodges and hotels is sourced locally, helping the local rural communities wherever possible.

Environmental responsibility

  • Indochina Adventure/Cambodia cycling tour believes in a sustainable tourism. We highly recommended cycling; itís the best way to explore Indochina and Cambodia. It is good for good health and we try to reduce gasoline consuming as much as possible. We estimate that we can rent our mountain bike around 1440 bicycles/day per year. By doing this, we can save gasoline consuming at least 7200 litters per year. We try our best to fight also against global warming issue.
  • Cambodia Cycling has won Heritage Friendly Business Award in Gold Category: tp://
  • In addition, we focus on recycling and saving as much as we can in term of office stationary usage, for instance, paper reusing and recycling, printer cartridge recycling, water saving......etc.

Social responsibility

  • Indochina Adventure/Cambodia cycling tour has initiated some development projects in Cambodia. Participating in our trips contributes to community development; you will be rewarded with recognition and happy smiling faces. Travellers will discover the Cambodian culture, explore Cambodia off the beaten track, most of cycling itineraries are off road.
  • All our staff have insurance and a high than minimum wage salary with regular training courses to enhance and insure the best service to clients. We support community development with the following NGOs: LUC, Eco village, local school.

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