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Lost World Adventures crafts customized, guided trips to South and Central America and Antarctica. Utilizing our first-hand knowledge and experience, we create innovative tours that balance our clientís interests and desire for adventure. Our local guides are some of the best in the business and possess extensive knowledge of their culture, landscape, and area resources. We strive to accommodate all of our global travelers in a socially and environmentally conscious way. Mobility or dietary considerations, honeymooners or large groups we tailor-make our trips to be inclusive and fun for all.
Member since: 10 Dec 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We are a small family-owned tour operator and employ local residents of our community. The vendors we work with also hire locally.
  • We support local producers and communities by buying local food products and supporting local craftsman.
  • We work with partners who give something back to the community in terms of community projects, schemes and working alongside them via partnerships.

Environmental responsibility

  • We are members of the Galapagos Conservancy, IGOTA, Sustainable Travel International, and the International Ecotourism Society.
  • We aim to benefit the environment through our tours and preserve the ecology. We design our tours to utilise low carbon transport as much as possible for example on our Lima walking and biking tours we try to raise awareness in the community of increasing pollution from vehicles. On our rainforest expeditions we partner with a local ecotourism company who try to preserve the forest through tourist revenue, preventing it from being used for other commercial purposes which result in its destruction.
  • We use INKATERRA PROPERTIES (in Cusco, Urubamba, Machu Picchu and Puerto Maldonado*): Inkaterra is a Peruvian organization with 40 years of experience in sustainable tourism initiatives. It focuses on preserving Peruís nature and cultures and sharing them with the world. Each year Inkaterra hosts more than 100,000 travellers providing authentic nature experiences in Peru, while rescuing, presenting and showcasing Peruís culture and nature for the world.

Social responsibility

  • We work very close with many suppliers that are committed to helping the local communities where their operations take place. Just to mention a few. These include:
  • Manu Tambopata Travel - aside from their interest in the environment, social work is an essential component in the work of Manu Tambopata Travel, the desire to jointly support the development of local people (their education and training). The Mountain Lodges of Peru - at the lodges, local villagers simultaneously share their customs and learn how to be industry professionals. Their local teams, comprised of this rich blend of traditions and cultures, are trained to provide outstanding service and will go above and beyond to give each guest an unforgettable experience. In 2006 Mountain Lodges of Peru sponsored the creation of Yanapana Peru, a not-for-profit Civil Association dedicated to social and environmental responsibility.
  • Our partners hire local guides and work closely alongside the local communities which they visit. Trip itineraries typically include visiting local villages/farms during their excursions, which represents an income for the locals and buying local products for the meals they serve to guests.

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