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All Out Africa was established in 2004 with the mission “to engage people and resources from around the world in the research and action necessary for a sustainable Africa”. All Out Africa is a southern African organisation that implements research, information sharing, capacity building, education and the placements priority conservation and community development projects in the region through recruitment and management of volunteers.

As an organisation we support Africa taking charge of its future and believe in a world of opportunity for both people and wildlife. We believe we play a key role in Africa's future through research and action supported by responsible tourism.
Member since: 02 Mar 2015

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Economic responsibility

  • We are committed to using locally owned and operated suppliers and we employ local people as field staff, guides and expedition leaders wherever possible. We ensure that our guides and expedition leaders are in full time employment and that staff are treated as equals.
  • By sending volunteers to work in and with local communities we contribute to the local economies. We encourage volunteers to raise money in conjunction with local communities to purchase essential good and services for the schools and neighbour hood care points.
  • We focus on visiting and working in national parks and reserves providing access revenue toward their management. Our aim is to support the existing established reserves and new parks through tourism and project work.

Environmental responsibility

  • We carry out research endorsed by the National Biodiversity Program Implementation Committee including studies on bats in Mozambique, elephant, rhino and lion studies on habitat, dolphin and whale shark research in Mozambique, and coral reef and turtle research.
  • We spread awareness of the need for conserving wildlife through discussions, presentations, printed material and publications. We arrange presentations for our volunteers and our staff participate in conferences on specific research and biodiversity and conservation.
  • Biodegradable waste is composted, energy saving light globes, etc are used and we use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We use public transport where possible and provide bicycles for volunteers to use. We provide guidelines for volunteers' interactions with wildlife.

Social responsibility

  • We aim to provide employment for local people by using local guides and locally owned and operated services. All our field staff are from the local communities where we are based and the organisation is run and staffed by local Swazi people.
  • Volunteers are given an induction into Swazi/ African culture lifestyle and information on how to interpret local customs. They are taken to areas of cultural significance such as the cultural village, bushman paintings, national museum, and the Reed dance and Incwala.
  • Our projects directly involve the local communities and schools through skill sharing, training, and infrastructure and curriculum development. We have a Children’s fund for donations to specific projects and school fees for underprivileged children.

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