Wild Days Conservation

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This organisation is a social enterprise that supports wildlife conservation and research in the UK. We specialise in inspiring working holidays that make a real difference: working in partnership with local and national conservation organisations and combining high value conservation with fine food, wonderful accommodation and great company.
Member since: 18 Feb 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • All our holidays celebrate the local areas we work in. We want our holidays to positively support these places and actively seek out the best local produce and food suppliers, working with local businesses and people to create our programmes.
  • In some cases our holidays are specifically linked to local economic development plans, e.g. in Suffolk, where they form part of a programme to increase sustainable tourism.

Environmental responsibility

  • As an Environmental Social Enterprise, all our holidays ultimately aim to make a positive benefit to the environment. We work in partnership with existing local, regional and national conservation organisations, ensuring that our practical conservation and wildlife research work meets identified needs, forming part of well thought out management plans.
  • Most of our holidays are focussed on designated protected areas: nature reserves, AONBs, National Parks etc. A key part of our founding philosophy is to run holidays only in the UK, providing opportunities to get involved in wildlife conservation without having to fly or travel abroad. We aim to provide the same quality of experience and encourage wildlife tourism without the huge negative environmental impacts of international travel.
  • Through our holidays, we aim to nurture and encourage deeper engagement in environmental conservation, signposting opportunities to further develop their skills and interests gained during the holiday to benefit wildlife back home.
  • We actively encourage everyone to make use of public transport to get to our holidays, always providing onward transport from and to the nearest rail station.
  • When setting up holidays, we work to minimise travel distances, aiming where possible to eliminate the need for vehicle transport at all.
  • We aim to source food, materials and services locally, minimising associated transport miles.
  • We take a proactive approach to waste management in domestic and work activities, minimising waste, recycling and reusing where possible.

Social responsibility

  • All our holidays celebrate the local areas we work in. We want our holidays to positively support these places and the people who live and work there.
  • Where possible we include visits to places of local historical and cultural interest, and provide information about the area, its people and history.
  • By directly supporting local environmental projects, we are meeting and working with the people who know and love the area, giving a deeper insight into the subtleties of life in communities throughout the UK.

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