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Gane and Marshall is a long-established wildlife and adventure travel company providing tailor-made holidays to Africa, South-East Asia, Oceania, the Indian Ocean islands and selected wildlife destinations around the world. Our adventure holidays are also sold as tailor-made and small group travel itineraries.
Member since: 05 Apr 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We want to ensure that local communities welcome the arrival of our travellers, and we do this by ensuring that we rely on the local community as much as possible for all services and local accommodation. In Africa especially we source just about all foods (fresh fruits, veggies, meat and fish) from local suppliers. In Tanzania for example local people own shambas and sell their produce to the hotels and lodges and everyone in Tanzania has the right to own a shamba. It’s only on a few expeditions – again, the North Pole is an example – where we import the food, for obvious reasons.
  • We always favour the employment of local guides, porters and other support staff, and we try to use locally-owned accommodation wherever suitable options exist.
    Our Maasai Lands programme and our Tanzania light mobile safaris are a great example of this. Our treks in the remote Maasai lands are project managed by a Tanzanian and the guides, camp crew and supplies are obtained from Maasai villages along the way. We camp beside Maasai villages and pay village fees. We are currently actively promoting a new Mt Kenya Bike Ride where we use a local supplier who books simple low-cost local guesthouse and hotels, and employs local guides.
    In Nepal we offer our clients the chance to stay in and eat in locally-owned tea houses and of course employ local guides.
  • We ensure that local staff are treated correctly and paid fairly, based on the guidelines provided by groups such as the International Porter Protection Group and Tourism Concern. In East Africa, we actively support the training of local guides and porters, and unemployed people through development projects including the Kilimanjaro Guide Scholarship Foundation, the Cypress Hill vocational training centre at Monduli, the health worker training scheme in Ethiopia run by the Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service. We partner for our Kilimanjaro treks with AWC, who every year run a low season training programme open and free to all their staff – local Tanzanians. For most of our destinations employing local staff is something we do by default. We very rarely employ international leaders (and where we do they are accompanied by local leaders and staff). With the exception of a handful of unique expeditions – the North Pole, for instance – we work with local leaders and staff everywhere we operate. It is in East Africa, however, our biggest destination, that we are most closely engaged with these issues.

Environmental responsibility

  • We provide a monthly donation to the Carbon Neutral fund to partially offset the emissions generated by our business.
  • Within our office, we have made a number of adjustments to the way we manage our office processes in recent years in order to reduce our carbon footprint, such as moving to low-energy use equipment, recycling almost all waste paper, and automating and moving online the bulk of our administrative operations.
  • We include our responsible tourism guidelines in the confirmation packs we send clients. In addition to the responsible travel guidelines we do also include a leaflet from Tourism Concern and Waterwise with all our travel packs that details some of the ways travellers can save on water usage while travelling abroad.
  • We encourage travellers to visit: schools at Gelai and Kitumbeine in the African Rift Valley, vocational training centre at Monduli in North Tanzania, clinic at Arkwasyie in the Simiens. On some of our expeditions these local project visits play a big role. In Oman, for instance, our Mountains and Deserts expeditions embrace and work with the United Nations Connecting Cultures programme. This programme not only shows the participants the wonderful geography of Oman but also engages them in learning about the Arabic culture from a very positive standpoint. The visitors meet with local Omani people from the mountains and Bedouin in the desert to exchange views and stories about their different backgrounds.

Social responsibility

  • We provide financial support to various charitable projects and initiatives that benefit local communities in the destinations we promote. We actively encourage involvement in charitable projects via our UK-registered partner charity, Community Projects Africa.
  • We support on an annual basis include the Kilimanjaro Guide Scholarship Foundation (we fully fund one scholarship annually) and the Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service (we fully fund each year the training of a nurse).
  • As members of International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC), International Society of Mountain Medicine (ISMM) and the Ethical Tour Operators Group within Tourism Concern, we do our best to look after not only you, but the communities we work with overseas.

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