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Soulful Concepts is an industry accredited travel company specialising in philanthropic travel design. We provide handcrafted travel experiences ensuring each of our tours has a positive impact on an important cause. We offer socially conscious travellers a myriad of responsible travel experiences that give back to the communities, and environment in the destinations we visit. Our focus is on culture, community development, conservation, personal wellbeing and fair trade. We provide a special collection of unique, sustainable, stylish, and comfortable travel options. Whether you are travelling solo, with a partner, your best friends, a bunch of likeminded people or for your favourite charity, we can create an experience to suit you!
Member since: 31 May 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We know travel is better when you can give back as much as you get. Thatís why we have designed every single one of our trips around contributing, supporting and participating in local projects and community initiatives. In each of our unique destinations, we have partnered with handpicked organisations who aim to do great things like sustain the environment and have a positive impact on the local communities. From giving you a unique way to get up close and personal, to incorporating a donation into the overall travel cost, our Community Immersion Tours allow you to connect and give back.
  • In addition to the total donation given from travellers to the community immersion projects partners in each destination, Soulful Concepts has committed to donating a further 10% of the overall donation given.
    We only work with local with suppliers in each destination, ensuring each of our tours are run by the locals, from a localís perspective. Our travellers have a unique experience and a chance to really understand and connect on a local level.
  • We visit socially responsible restaurants in destinations whereby the restaurants are set up as vocational training centres, providing employment opportunities after their training has finished. We always support local businesses, eating and shopping locally. This information is all included in our pre departure information and given to clients 3 months prior to departure

Environmental responsibility

  • Soulful Concepts is committed to minimising the environmental impact of travel. With the vision to become the leading responsible travel provider, Soulful Concepts is proactively engaged in the movement towards fully responsible travel.
  • We travel overland where possible, ensure water drums are available in the hotels and vehicles for our clients to refill their water bottles rather than using plastic bottles, we encourage our passengers to travel economy class as itís more sustainable than flying business or first class.
  • Soulful Concepts is committed to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism adopted by the United Nations at the thirteenth
    World Tourism Organisation General Assembly (1999).

Social responsibility

  • Soulful Concepts encourages experiences on a local level ensuring the experience stays true to the people. We do not visit schools, orphanages or hospitals. In addition we do not sell any voluntourism of any kind. Instead we support local projects, empowering the local people.
  • Each destination we visit has a focus on themes we believe vital to a sustainable world? conservation, communities and body, mind, soul.
  • We endeavour to always book hotels with a green responsibility policy, ensuring they are employing locals from region in which they are located, care and actively work towards reducing their impact on the environment and give back to the local community.
  • Each traveller on a Soulful Concepts tour will receive Pre Departure Information pack. This document details
    everything the traveller needs to know about how to prepare for their experience. In addition to basic destination
    information we include information on culture and customs to ensure the travellers code of conduct is clearly given prior to departure.

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