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The Safrantours travel agency, specialist in self-guided holiday tours in France, presents to you its walks, bicycle tours, gypsy caravan or canoe trips. If you're dying for a vacation alone, with your family or with friends, Safrantours invites you to discover the most beautiful regions of France.
Member since: 09 Jun 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • All our partners along our tours are small and local companies. We prefer working with welcoming guesthouses, family hotels, cosy restaurants who cook with local products. It’s important for us to develop a close relationship with all our partners. Our travellers can feel it during their journey and that makes our tours welcoming and authentic.
  • We believe in local economic development and many institutional programs support us in this way.
    We think fair-trade even for our furniture. For example we work in partnership with Lygo who make our travel pouch in Dakar and create then new jobs and use incomes to support local projects in Senegal.

Environmental responsibility

  • We work in close relationship with national parks, environmental association, natural reserves. With them, we create safe and beautiful itineraries, off beaten tracks, to heighten awareness of our traveller about nature and environment. 
  • We include some visits of natural reserves like « Bird Park at Le Teich » next to the Ocean. We provide information about the specific environment the travellers will pass through, lavender, plateaux, forest, mountain with endemic animals. We also explain in the road book how to minimize damage to the environment.
  • We work in relation with natural rangers or local institutions to find the safest and nicest itinerary for our clients.
    We favour the gentler more sustainable means of transport that are walking and cycling to reduce the impact of tourism on the global warming.
  • We have developed our own software which reduced considerably our paper consumption. We work with an informatique company who recycle our old computers and cartridge.
    For our communication, the use mainly our website. We do not have a brochure and we use instead a small booklet we spread sparingly.

Social responsibility

  • We are used to work with local structures to promote their knowledge, their hand-craft products, visit local and historical projects. For example we have the label Atout France « Vignoble and découverte » and we offer some wine testing or visits of wine family factories.
  • In some of our tours in Provence, we suggest to our travellers to visit some lavender distilleries where they can buy local products. Because we think the heartfelt welcome you feel in a rural guesthouse, the discovery of a tasty local dish, something real, sincere is simply wonderful.