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Before operating tours in India, Tailor India Tours successfully completed two conservations projects in Sena Leopard conservation zone and Jagnath wildlife Safari with the help of locals from nearby villages in Rajasthan, to become an identified group in the field of protecting wildlife and rare eco-system of the particular area. The thought of starting to operate tours was with a different focus to save the rich cultural heritage, nature and life style of locals in India and presenting to the world an in intimate manner.
Member since: 24 Jun 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We employ local people from local villages.
  • Most of the organic food and dairy product we supply to our guest purchased from villagers farmlands nearby, which supports local business.
  • Over the next couple of years, we will be able to generate more employment in our upcoming conservation projects to open another eco campsite in different Wildlife reserve.

Environmental responsibility

  • We support the Sena conservation society to protect rare eco-system and wildlife of that area.
  • We arrange programmes for locals and professionals which explain the benefit of plastic free zone, importance of wildlife, reforestation, proper use of water and subsidy schemes of government in domestic solar power and recycling unit installation.
  • We donate some of our profit to the protection and maintenance of the Jagnath Wildlife Safari (Sanctuary) Sanctuary. Various water harvesting systems have been adopted in the Safari that makes water available for Wildlife year-round.


Social responsibility

  • Our permanent and hired staff wear traditional clothing, which provokes discussions around culture in India.
  • Our local guides share some true local stories with guest while on tour, giving guests an insight into local culture.
  • We employ local people from local villages

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