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A husband and wife team, we host small group walking and wine tasting holidays that benefits our environment without harming its natural resources at our 200+yearold farmhouse in the unspoilt and undiscovered Saint Mont wine region, in the sunblessed south of France. We chose this region for its easy accessibility, its excellent wines and its endless offroad tracks through woods, vineyards, meadows, sunflower fields and along mighty rivers, in the foothills the magnificent Pyrenées mountains, thus ensuring our guests enjoy breathtakingly beautiful scenery, irresistibly rich Gascon cuisine, Gascony's typical unhurried lifestyle and friendly inhabitants and enough but not too much exercise to make our holidays unique and unforgettable.
Member since: 05 Jul 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We donate to Emmaus, a charity that sells second hand goods.
  • We support our local community economically by buying what we need ourselves and what we use for our holidays locally – whenever possible, directly from the producer.
  • On free days, our guests have the opportunity to support our community directly by eating at a typical Gascon bistro/restaurant.

Environmental responsibility

  • We have several large, ancient woods surrounding us that we work as a community to maintain and to safeguard our local wildlife.
  • We have renovated our house using eco-friendly and authentic methods. We also needed to renovate the meadows, woods and lake.
  • We grow our own organic fruit, vegetables and herbs which are used in the meals we cook for guests. We use our horses' manure to fertilise our fields.
  • During our walks and after our picnics, we are careful not to leave anything behind and we take great care not to disturb the natural environment in any way.

Social responsibility

  • We source our meat, cheese and eggs from neighbours, friends and our favourites at the local markets.
  • We also work as a community to restore and maintain our diverse architectural and cultural heritage raising money through a variety of
    activities aimed at educating the inhabitants of our region about their rich heritage.
  • Two of our walks end in a village during the weekly fresh food markets both these markets focus on local farmers/producers and seasonal produce this gives us the chance to explain to our guests how our community benefits from supporting our local farmers and brings our guests into direct contact with local people.
  • Our region proudly hosts several festivals every year. We support our neighbours by frequently attending and by incorporating these festivals into our holidays to give our guests a taste of local traditions.

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