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Pugdundee Safaris is recognized as one of India's leading responsible safari companies. With six intimate jungle lodges in Central India, one in Chitwan - Nepal and many bespoke wilderness experiences it presents the very best of the Indian subcontinent wildlife & hospitality. Between 2010 and 2016, we have been awarded for our excellence in eco-tourism, our commitment to green architecture, our experienced naturalists and our pioneering mobile safari initiative.
Member since: 21 Jul 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We believe that conservation of wild habitats and wildlife in India is only possible if it has an economic incentive.
  • Through our Conservation Cell we develop programs that directly involve the locals and benefit them.
  • Many casual workers who joined us during construction are now an integral part of the team.

Environmental responsibility

  • All our six properties have been certified with “Eco practices audits” by Travel operators for Tigers (TOFT). This independent organization conducts audit scrutinizing all areas from construction, resource utilization, waste disposal to development of local community and grants certificate approving the use of eco-friendly practices in lodge operations.
  • At all our lodges we have adopted sustainable construction techniques. We have included a lot of locally sourced construction material and waste wood. Most of our furniture has been handcrafted from old sleeper wood and old wood.
  • We actively promote non vehicular activities like nature walks, village visits and cycling. Being on foot helps in observing nature closely. At Pugdundee we strive to deliver a holistic wildlife experience. We are pioneers of walking safaris with camping in Satpura Tiger reserve and the newly launched cycling through Kipling country, corridor forest between Pench and Kanha.
  • We work to replace plastic with environment healthy alternatives. We are quickly turning to eco friendly options of providing filtered water at all times rather than going for easy to avail packaged water bottles. Starting this season we have started offering stainless steel bottles which can be refilled anytime from the refill station.

Social responsibility

  • We passionately opt for locally grown and sourced food. Not only is it fresher, it supports marginal farmers and local markets.
  • Our strength comes from our team, more than 70% of whom are from the nearby villages. Many young ones have grown with us to become managers, inspiring a brigade of fellow villagers. We regularly conduct trainings to enhance their skills and for capacity building.
  • Local craftsmen get employment and their art reaches our lodges and many a homes from our souvenir shops.

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