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Social Cycles host small group cycle adventures for travellers with a social conscience. We engage with local experts (NGOs) to learn about social issues, challenges and strategies so that we can gain the knowledge to make a positive difference. We will test your physical boundaries, challenge your perception of charity and completely open your mind.
Member since: 21 Jul 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • For every Social Cycles tour, all riders are requested to contribute a nominal sum for the purpose of donation. Usually A$200 per rider. During the course of the tours (Cambodia, Vietnam and soon to include Iran), the riders are given the chance to engage with, and learn from, local NGOs. We visit no less than four NGOs during every tour and spend some time learning about their projects, strategies and challenges. At the end of the tour, the riders are then empowered with new found knowledge and have the opportunity to combine the allotted donation money and make an impact towards a project of their choosing. Of the four tours completed so far by Social Cycles, we have already donated over A$5000 to various NGOs within Cambodia.
  • In addition to promoting and marketing our partnered NGOs, Social Cycles also pays each NGO for their time and resources of the tours interactions. This time usually lasts no longer than 1-2 hours and all NGOs are remunerated regardless as to whether or not there is a follow up donation from the group.
  • Social Cycles hires locally for transport assistance and support van. We also support local businesses as opposed to international franchises in all restaurant and hotel choices. In addition, we actively seek out social enterprise based restaurants to include in tour packages. These restaurants are often connected to local NGOs and use the restaurants as training facilities for empowering disadvantaged youth.

Environmental responsibility

  • Mission to reduce textile waste: Social Cycles actively engages in activities that encourage the riders to be aware of the ‘fast fashion’ industry. We participate in ‘backpack making’ exercises in a Phnom Penh factory, where all materials are sourced from end of line and recycled fabrics. This also gives the rider an understanding of the work involved. In addition, we visit and engage in a silk screen printing workshop in Siem Reap and an ethical garment factory in Kampot.
  • Mission to reduce plastic: As we supply water for the riders from the van during transit days, we provide the riders with their own water bottle and purchase water in the form of a 50L drum in an effort to reduce the vast amount of plastic from the many 330ml bottles.

Social responsibility

  • We have recently become an official supporter of Child Safe, where we have pledged to support the practices to keep children safe. From this, we take all our riders to Friends International (or an official partner of) for the riders to witness a presentation as to what responsible tourism is all about. We engage in a healthy debate as to the current ‘orphanage crisis’ in Cambodia and other developing countries and the influence of tourists that have created this market. This incredibly powerful eye opening is a great introduction for the riders experience
  • As part of our child protection policy, we do NOT interact or engage with any children at schools or nurseries. We do NOT offer or promote any short term unskilled volunteer opportunities, nor do we allow any photography of, or interaction with, children during any NGO visits.
  • We actively promote and support the ‘Children are not tourists attractions’ campaign from Child Safe.

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