White Lotus

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Out of our love and passion for yoga and what brought to our lives, we decided to share our experiences and way of life. We then joined our passion with the owners at Al Limon Eco Lodge, set at the foothills of Malaga, where we aim to share the essence, philosophy and practice of yoga to current and new yoga enthusiasts. All this with a strong base on responsible tourism using local resources with the lowest possible impact, respecting and looking after the environment around us.
Member since: 22 Jul 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We constantly look into ways to work alongside local craftsmen, producers and all food that is not produced on our vegetable garden is locally sourced among our neighbours as the Finca is set up in the countryside. We also work with local business such a small company that makes ecological essential oils, encouraging our guests to learn from their practice and we use it on our massage workshops at the retreat.
  • All materials used for the building of new areas (an open air yoga shala), has been made using local cane and craftsmen. The Finca is entirely build with implementation of green architecture, environmental friendly innovations, and a significant effort on energy efficient and personalized hospitality services.
  • Instead of a typical vacation, an ecolodge can offer you the opportunity to be a responsible traveller.

Environmental responsibility

  • With such beautiful settings, we are dedicated to the importance of environmental awareness. We hope to carry on planting trees and working with the local community to promote preservation of the unique river environment.
    Solar energy provides all the hot water. With an organic vegetable garden, free range chickens, and orchards of lemon and fruit trees, guests can enjoy homegrown produce all year round as well as local wines, cheeses, fruit and veg
  • The Finca is entirely built with implementation of green architecture and environmental friendly innovations. A significant effort on energy efficient is applied.
  • The concept of living rooftops and vertical walls has a great cooling effect on the villa interior and minimizes the use of air conditioning. Together with solar hot water system, Finca Al Limón is an energy efficient retreat.

Social responsibility

  • We provide comfortable rooms and common areas that reflect the designs and heritage of the local culture in natural settings that have been carefully preserved with local plant life. Here you can buy food from local farmers, use environmentally-friendly energy, water and waste systems.
  • Essentially, Al Limon Ecolodge will offer you an educational and participatory experience. We work with local partners that you can visit, such as the eco friendly essential oils company, set up by a local family, and we can organise visits to other local craftsmen in the area.