Why Jordan tours

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Why Jordan tours is a professional & licensed travel agency and offers a wide range of trips, tailor made programs and holidays for all kind of budgets and interests for individuals, groups, family's & kids, year clubs, incentives for companies or a society, all with a personal touch. We offer adventure and complete tour packages in Jordan, with eye for detail and personal attention. You will capture Jordan and have a once in a lifetime experience!
Member since: 10 Aug 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We are working to increase number of visitors to Jordan in order to support the national economy and create job opportunities.
  • We hire local employees and support them by teaching new skills at the tourism industry field to be a good member in our society.
  • We work with the local societies side by side to create the effective and efficiency plans that will ensure a sustainable economy at the local level and national level.

Environmental responsibility

  • We are aware of responsibilities for conservation and protecting the biodiversity in our country.
  • We work hand in hand with the Royal Society for the conservation of Nature (RSCN), who works to protect the wildlife and the geological features in Jordan.
  • We are fully ready to co-operate with any establishment that has the ECO systems and we highly support these projects.

Social responsibility

  • We support ideas that help the community keep its heritage alive like funding and supporting the local heritage exhibitions in Petra.
  • We support the programs that include a visit to the local project like Petra women silver handmade workshop.
  • We offer visits to craftsmen in other regions throughout different itineraries.