Spindrift Sail

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Spindrift Sail Ltd acts as the management company for the sailing vessel Irene, providing skippered charter holidays aboard an historic sailing ship.
Member since: 06 Sep 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Charitable Works:
• Our current charity is the RNLI
• We provide two or three full days training per year running training simulations with local RNLI crews and helicopter support
• We actively support our teams in being lifeboat men and women (we currently have two attached to the RNLI station at Clovelly)

Employing Local People:
• Our core team is recruited from the West Country where skills and experience allow. This is the original home of Irene and we are committed to this area specifically. We provide training and development for this team to ensure they can develop their skills whilst working for us. This currently includes our skipper, chef, engineer and shipwright.
• When on voyage we prioritise the use of local markets and independent suppliers to provide the stores for the ship rather than large multinational companies. We have formed an excellent reputation for our fresh seafood and try to purchase directly from the fishermen to source.
• When on voyage we use local craftsmen to support on maintaining the ship whether this be shipwrights, sailmakers or riggers.
• Our Guest Code of Conduct encourages the use of local craftspeople when purchasing souvenirs to promote local employment.
• We work with local agents to produce a plan of excursions which focus on local employment and social projects
• We work with local users of port facilities to ensure we do not compromise their operations with our presence and prioritise developing strong relationships with port users and authorities, particularly those within the fishing industry.

Environmental responsibility

Carbon Footprint:
• Where safety and regulations permit, we assign one day per week as a ‘zero carbon day’ when we attempt to only use sustainable sources of fuel for heat, cooking and propulsion

Water Conservation:
• We limit water consumption when in dry climates to one full tank per voyage. This equates to 2 tonnes per week for all 15 people. Any additional water requirements will be self-generated from our on-board watermaker system.
• We educate guests in conserving water with information in the Guest Code of Conduct and details of current consumption throughout the voyages

Waste and Recycling:
• We exceed the requirements of MARPOL legislation and ban the disposal of all waste overboard.
• We record all waste generated and set targets for its reduction
• We educate guests through the Guest Code of Conduct
• We have designed the galley to have additional refrigeration and storage solutions which allow us to use larger volume products and reduce the waste

Environmental Damage:
• We have replaced eroding anti-foul chemicals with copper sheathing to reduce environmental damage from this chemical
• We actively monitor bilge waste to quickly identify waste oil products which could contaminate seawater

• We educate guests on the indigenous wildlife (particularly the marine wildlife) in the areas in which we sail. This is through direct knowledge from the crew and a specifically written guide provided in each cabin.
• We brief the crew to enable them to speak knowledgably about the wildlife they will encounter
• We sail the ship to ensure we do not cause distress to marine wildlife by chasing, feeding or trying to attract them in other ways.

Social responsibility

Local Projects:
• We work with local agents and travel providers in the areas we visit to arrange a programme of excursions and visits focusing on the local culture, traditions and industries.
• Through our Guest Code of Conduct, we actively promote responsible tourism with respect to the use of local craftspeople, bartering etiquette and the local economy.
• We provide all guests with details of the region we are visiting, including social and economic information to ensure they appreciate how they can make an impact
• We source local craft produce to sell as part of our merchandising range on board.
Traditional Working Practices:
• We actively promote the development of traditional sailing ship maintenance skills through the training of local skilled trades people and in maintaining the originality of Irene’s construction and rig.
• We actively promote the development of traditional sailing ship sailing skills through financially supporting the crew in developing the qualifications and experience required and in providing at least one training position at all times aboard, which does not require previous experience to be considered for.
• We attend at least one maritime festival each year providing the public with free access on board Irene to promote traditional sailing as both a career and an interest.

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