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Stile Italiano Tours was founded by a small group of travel professionals who have been working together for KLM for more than 15 years; during that period we enjoyed taking our colleagues from abroad to visit places which are known only to local people. In 2014 we set up our own company combining the knowledge of our Country and the international experience we had with KLM. Our product selection is based on authenticity. Empathy is what we aim at achieving in every relationship with people, either customers, suppliers or partners, and that’s what makes the difference in our product offer.
Member since: 13 Sep 2016

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Environmental responsibility

Social responsibility

Our itineraries include visits to artisans’ workshops to enable them to keep their craftsmanship alive. It is a unique opportunity to get to know the “made in Italy” heritage through their works and stories.

With regard to the accommodation, we prefer to suggest historical mansions which have been transformed into hotels to preserve their cultural heritage. This accommodation type is easier to find in the countryside or in small towns, but it is not always available in the main cities. Travellers are given a hotel choice at the time of their enquiry

Italy has the largest cultural heritage in the world, we always try to include in our itineraries off-the-beaten-track attractions to help preserving them from being ruined by lack of care and to make travellers discover unknown gems

Our group tours have a maximum of 10 people, in this way everybody can interact with our hosts during visits and our tour representative is able to establish a friendly relationship with every member of the group

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