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TransHumans is a team of young professionals specializing in tourism, archaeology and agronomy among other disciplines. We believe in responsible tourism as a way to guide travellers while keeping the local culture alive, promoting the local economy and preserving the environment. Besides the exploration of stunning landscapes, our trips seek to encourage exchange between travellers and locals, by sharing experiences, knowledge and establishing human connections. TransHumans offer adventure trips to Argentina and Chile for independent travellers looking for a real connection with the local culture and the environment. TransHumans work with small family boutique hotels, communities and local guides and specialise in tailor-made trips, both self-guided and accompanied.
Member since: 13 Sep 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

TransHumans, as a Responsible and Solidarity Tourism Agency, is committed to:

• Transparency and fair compensation for the services provided ;
• Purchasing from local businesses:
• Using local transportation (when with the necessary licenses).
• Prioritizing accommodation in local family run hotels and host families, and, when possible, choose and purchase local organic products;
• Benefit economically the local operators and communities we partner with;
• Respecting the rhythm and structure of each community and / or host family;
• Taking into consideration local population’s feedback and improve the quality of services in the best way possible;
• Using the solidarity fund to finance and promote educational projects within the local communities;

Environmental responsibility

TransHumans founders have been involved in promoting local development and sustainable growth in South America for more than 10 years. Sensitive to local traditions and beliefs, the beauty of the landscapes and the biodiversity of the ecosystem, we have chosen to limit our impact by organizing trips which contribute to the long-term conservation of both local cultures and natural resources.

TransHumans, is committed to:

• Travelling in small groups to minimize social and environmental impact.
• Generating the minimum amount of waste ;
• Reducing travel distances ;
• Using public transport or other means of group transport when possible;
• Encouraging travelers to eat locally produced food and goods;
• Using, wherever possible, renewable energy ;
• Preserving and protecting the Flora and Fauna ;
• Restricting human impact on sensitive natural areas ;
• Never light a fire where prohibited;
• Leave no trace when camping;
• Advising travellers and local populations on environmental issues and suggesting solutions

Social responsibility

TransHumans implement, support and accompany educational micro-projects implemented by schools, associations and local ONGs.

TransHumans donate 3% of the total price of each trip to this cause (of which 5 euros are dedicated to the VVE association). This way, each traveller becomes member of the VVE association.

The money raised allows the creation and development of community-based projects aimed at raising awareness and helping in the preservation of both the environment and the local cultures.

The aim of these initiatives is to solve environmental and cultural issues through the education and training, especially of young people.

Past projects include:

• Salta Province: Solar and efficient cookers for school lunches - Training children in the use of solar energy.
• Mendoza Province: Barranca, culture and identity of the Huarpe.
• Salta Province: Ecological school canteens.
• Jujuy Province: Vegetable garden therapy for youngsters with special needs.
• Misiones Province: Teaching vegetable growing in a rural school.
• Jujuy Province: Educational and productive school greenhouse in the Andean Altiplano.
• Jujuy Province: Culture with waves, school radio.

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