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Rug & Rock Adventures is an UK small-group adventure tour operator, operating currently in Morocco and Spain. We provide carefully designed tours for groups of people interested in having a real experience in every region we visit. In all our trips we get travellers in touch with local communities and share experiences with them, while interacting with different natural surroundings through different adventure sports (rock climbing, kayaking, trekking, etc.). With all this we aim for promoting what we coined as an exchange of admiration between travellers and local communities, a phenomenon we believe can reshape the way we approach travelling.
Member since: 10 Oct 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

In R&R we always work with carefully-selected specialised local business as a way of promoting and supporting local and familiar initiatives which serve at the same time as a perfect connection between travellers and local communities. They help to develop the local economy in contrast with the big Western companies which barely contribute economically to locals. Therefore, all our guides are professional certified local guides and the different accommodations and activity suppliers we work with are always run by local families or associations.

Environmental responsibility

As an online tour operator, Rug & Rock barely makes use of physical materials such as office supplies and equipment. We donít have any office, only our laptops working remotely. Most of our advertising campaigns are consequently done online, using brochures just in some shows where we always recycle old advertising and promotional materials.

Rug & Rock is a tour operator specialised in Morocco and South Spain where unfortunately water is a scarce resource. Thatís why we always recommend people to be in charge of their own water supply, trying likewise to minimise its unnecessary consume. Besides, all our local guides are strongly aware of our principles on this matter and they always take care travellers to make a responsible and sustainable use of water in every region they visit, above all in the desertic areas where water has more value than gold.

By using local staff and working with local accommodations and suppliers, Rug & Rock makes sure that travellers are transmitted the respect, passion and love for the nature that are indeed the foundations of our company. This way we also support local projects and cooperatives which work the land on a traditional and sustainable way by visiting them in our tours.

Social responsibility

In Rug&Rock Adventures we are aware of the problems that mass tourism brings to our destinations. This is the main reason why, as holidaymakers, we seek a more responsible and sustainable form of tourism. Thus, we bring our travellers to relatively undisturbed natural and rural areas for the main purposes of admiring them and learning more about their habitats. Rug&Rock also seeks to reduce our impact on the area visited, while also contributing to the conservation of natural areas and the sustainable development of adjacent areas and communities, generating further awareness among resident and nearby populations and visitors.

The distinction is between the Ďtravellerí who visits in order to learn and experience the cultures and environments of the places visited, and the Ďtouristí who visits to be entertained by images and experiences created especially for the tourist market.

For Rug&Rock, being a traveller involves five general principles and we always promote this to our customers:

? Preparing in advance
? Respecting local customs, cultures and lifestyles.
? Considering the impact of your presence
? Presenting yourself realistically.
? Continuing the experience when you return home.

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