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Travel Armenia, operated by Infinity Travel Group is one of the leading travel agencies in Armenia since 2002 and already working with more than 120 organizations and companies in Armenia and around the world for 13 years. Among our clients are governmental and business organization. During our 13 years of work experience we had the honor of admitting the delegation of Jacques Rene Chirac, President of France with its 600 members, delegation of President of Greece in Armenia, Gaz De France, Attorney of Foreign Representations in Armenia, Summit of Bankers and as well as many other official delegations in our country. Travel Armenia operated by Infinity Travel Group was also the official representative of “Europcar” in Armenia for 2006-2011. Our work means quality and range of services we are pleased to provide. Infinity Travel Group already have branches in several countries.
Member since: 17 Oct 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The travel agencies play an important role in tourism development. Tourism has been growing gradually in Armenia since 2000. The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Economy declared that 575,281 tourists visited Armenia in 2009, 3% more than the estimated index for 2008, and 5% growth was predicted for 2010 as the world economy stabilizes. In 2011, Armenia expected to receive 800,000 tourists, which is 13% better than the previous year. Armenia has a beautiful landscapes , abundant nature and traditional cuisine as well as Hospitable human factor which is very important . This is the reason why tourists coming to our country. Armenia provides the opportunity of cultural, pilgrimage as well as culinary and student tour. We are trying to involve students as well as locals to help them with seminars and trainings for us to give the opportunity to have an additional source of income ,additional employment and to help to escape their productivity.

Based on our policy we usually use the local suppliers in terms of nurishment and accommodation. Sometimes it can be a local house where guests can be accommodated, here they can participate in cooking or preparing different traditional dishes. The reasons we prefer this kind of tourism are that the food is organic, the people are more friendly, the relationship is friendly and in result travelers discover the real spirit of the country and the people living in.

During our tours we always try to involve as more local people (local experts) as it is possible since locals know their homelands better than anyone else. . For instance when guiding our group to different regions we always invite an experienced guide who should be a local who knows the surrounding, knows some more than literally written in the guide books and simply knows more than the guide accompanying the group throughout the whole period. This is always in addition to the professional guide service. They do never controvert each others but they fill the each others. Sometimes they invite the group to their houses, offer them some homemade wine or other stuff.

Environmental responsibility

Our team is endorsing the environmental policy but not always one person is responsible for the one thing directly . We do have several persons who really can communicate on that policy and type of organization. We identify wasteful and harmful current practices with different points of you. We are putting posters to remind people to turn on the lights off when they have empty room. In some cases we are trying to persuade the building manager to implement energy saving measures. Using low energy light bulbs . We encourage out team to walk, to use cycle wherever is possible. Our team is aimed to buy the products which are not over packaged , print all documents double sided, and buy local products that are environmentally friendly and from sustainable sources.

Understanding the importance of environmental cleanings TravelArmenia is always trying to avoid any kind of actions which can potentially harm or pollute the environment. Unfortunately the infrastructure of protecting the surrounding environment is not that much developed in Armenia but as far as it is possible it is a part of our corporate policy.
Below are a few examples how we encourage our travelers to minimise damage to the environment, wildlife.
- When hosting FITs we always use hybrid cars to minimize the pollution.
- When meeting the guests we always provide them with the tour package, map and the schedule of the tour. It is extremely important for us to provide them with recycled papers.
- When offering some juice or water, they will always get paper packed ones.
- We never operate any transport on Gas.

Social responsibility

We are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of our employees, by safeguarding the environment and by creating a long-lasting positive impact on the communities where we do business.
• We conduct Environmental and Social Impact Assessments to identify and understand the potential social, cultural and environmental impact of operations prior to making major investments.
• We identify and assess our contributions to social and cultural changes in the areas where we operate and develop appropriate strategies to respect the rights and cultures of local communities.
• We collaborate with host governments, civil society, businesses and other stakeholders to make last-ing contributions to social development, especially in the areas of education and health.
• We are committed to respecting all human rights where we operate.
• We seek to minimize any negative environmental, health and safety impact on our host communities as a result of our operations.

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