Russia Trekking

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Russia Trekking is a Vk Sokol brand, Tour Operator working on international market since 15 years with headquarter in Moscow in Marksistskaya 34/10. Specialized in individual tourism, both leisure and business, proposes exclusive packages dedicated to demanding Clients searching for unique holidays for destination or content. VK Sokol works with direct Clients and its network of the best Travel Agencies. Since 2014 Vk Sokol proposes new itineraries in Siberia in location quite important by the naturalistic point of view. They are protected national parks and UNESCO heritage accessible only with special permissions and transportation facilities like rafting, ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) due to the extreme difficulty to move with traditional vehicles.
Member since: 01 Nov 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Russia Trekking gives priority employing local people as DMC, guides, chefs, transportation and any other service we need on site in order to support the local population economic growing. Just as example on the area of Irkutsk destination we have a specific agreement with the management of Zapovednoie Pribaykaliyethe, the cluster of four Natural Parks. Our reference, the Tofalaria Reserve in the person of one director, Mr. Vladimir Bogatyr, collaborates with us leading our expeditions with their local rangers.
Other local people takes care of the logistic as the horses used for specific tours along the Bajkal Lake Park). Horses are rented by local farms. From the same farms we buy local products as food, bio vegetables and fruits.

In one of the protected areas of the same destination, the Tofalaria Natural Federal Reserve, we have agreements with inhabitants of the unique village nearby the Reserve, Gutara, for providing horses and muleteers as guide assistance in the area to lead trekking groups through the taiga and muleeters with horses to transport the luggage of the travellers.

We have in our Team as local DMC responsible Mr.Artem Firsov, native and expert of the territory

Environmental responsibility

We collaborate with the local organizations as National Parks in order to have the maximum synergy in term of knowledge of local rules to respect the nature
We give priority to any form of traveling that reduce to minimum the use of cars, trucks and any other gasoline based form of transport
We prefer the use of accomodations that respect nature and have a responsible policy of management of waste
We respect the wildlife and, when necessary in remote locations, we practice fishing for the only need of the day
We do not leave any non biological waste during travelling on ground and water paths and after camps

Social responsibility

Russia Trekking collaborate with the local organization in order to get know our travellers about the culture and the habits of local populations. We inform about local initiatives in order to promote them to our travellers during their staying.

All travellers are pre-informed about the social and political situation of the destination: At arrival we make a brief with our guests informing about how we collaborate with the local population.
At the same time we inform how we move into their territory and live with them giving all suggestions on how to best integrate with their traditions and cultures.

We promote the scientific approach for the understanding of the environment and the population in full contact with it. We promote the collaboration between our guests and the local expert of the territory to identify specific aspects as the relationship with the nature and the integration with foreigner visitors.

Our local guides explain how the community are benefited by the developing of the local projects explaining how they are organized and how we monitor them.

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