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Tiger Tops has been paving the way for sustainable high-end tourism in the Himalayan land of Nepal since the early sixties. We have pioneered river rafting, established trekking routes and created jungle experiences, connecting people to experiential travel across Nepal. We continue our journey of discovery and improvement, focusing on our environmentally responsible heritage and working hard to ensure all operations represent the very best in sustainable eco-tourism. We believe in good food and comfortable rooms, but above all we believe in great staff – it is them who will bring the experience alive for our guests: crafting memories, creating experiences – that’s what we’re all about.
Member since: 02 Nov 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Tiger Tops maintains the highest ethical and professional standards in its business practices, and will encourage a similar approach in the community by example and advocacy.

The group´s administration, operational, and accounting systems are responsible, safe, accessible to stakeholders, and compliant with regulations. Terms of employment are transparent and fair and all grievances are reconciled promptly.
With more than 200 Nepalis working at Tiger Tops, we employ local staff throughout our organisation. ?
We support and encourage fair employment and hiring practices. In our lodges most of staff comes from indigenous communities in the areas where we operate. They are provided opportunities for permanent employment through contracts and are protected by insurance and medical support to them and their families. ?
We strive to continuously develop our staff’s skills through numerous trainings in Nepal and abroad. In 2015, for instance, we sent two of our naturalists on an exchange visit to another lodge in Sri Lanka to learn from experiencing different flora and fauna. ?
At Tiger Tops we believe in empowering “homegrown leaders” and building our staff’s capacity to reach their full potential. We pride ourselves of counting among our staff dedicated people who have been with us for generations and who have gradually reached key positions in the company.


Environmental responsibility

Tiger Tops ensures that all operations minimize their adverse environmental and social impacts and leave only the lightest possible footprint. Continual efforts strive to use proven and to pioneer new methods of alternative technology to offset and mitigate adverse environmental impacts. In order to achieve these aspirations, we work with local partners, community groups and conservation organizations to develop and support environmental enhancement projects.
We are committed to our conservation efforts on all levels, from influencing decision makers on government level to concrete, hands-on grass root conservation work,. We do this by speaking out in public events about conservation issues, and by providing funds, equipment, and technical expertise to local community forest committees. ?
We continue to look for and partner with relevant organisations who share our goals for advancing conservation efforts. We have, for instance, founded a bio-lab at our property in Bardia, in partnership with the Himalayan Tiger Foundation, where we provide lodging and research facilities for biologists and other researchers.  In both our lodges, we chose to practice organic farming and cultivate the land in a way that preserves ecological balance. This allows us to serve wholesome meals using fresh and local product. ?
We are committed to reduce energy consumption, waste and pollutants in our facilities. Our efforts include using solar panels for water heating, recycling plastic and glass and making compost to use in our farm. ? We commit to maintaining high standards by regularly submitting our lodges to strict auditing from the TOFTigers Practices Under Guidelines Mark (“PUG”) accreditation scheme, which examines operating practices.

Social responsibility

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