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Evangelia is a native of Karpathos and Founder of Ecotourism Karpathos. She has studied Geography at the University of the Aegean (2006-2010) and then completed a master’s course on the “Environment and Development” at the National Technical University of Athens (2010-2012). After finishing her studies, taking into consideration the tough financial situation in Greece, she has been faced with the dilemma of moving abroad. Her enormous love for Karpathos Island prevailed and so she has got the big decision to live permanently on the island. She has decided to start programmes of Ecotourism with the aim to transfer the love and respect she feels for her place to the visitors, but also to create the experiences which will help them be integrated into the local community as equal members. Ecotourism Karpathos is not just a company about hiking but also combine eco-activities such as traditional cooking lessons, beekeeping, olive picking etc which turn the vacations into an unforgettable experience!
Member since: 10 Nov 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The team of Ecotourism Karpathos is composed of local people at 100%. We are trying to support each other and share the benefits equally in our community.

Minas was born 60 years ago in Olympos. He is married and father of three children. He has lived the longest part of his life on the island of Karpathos which is his great love.This love has made him walk on all the mountains and paths and so he has known every nook and cranny of the island. His knowledge on the biodiversity of the island is unsurpassed. He specializes in recognizing endemic and rare plants.
For this reason he started recording the flora by tracking, photographing and identifying 945 different plants. This effort has now been completed after twenty years of research and he is ready to publish book-guide for flora in Karpathos.

ND creations is a store in the center of the village, which has only handmade items, made in Karpathos, with materials from the island itself. You can find various souvenirs such as, silver and gold jewelry with pebbles or seaglass and more, many types of woodwork items (clocks, coasters, fridge door magnets etc). Last but not least, the owner of the shop, Nick Dais, is an instrument maker so at the shop you will have the opportunity to see our traditional instruments up close and personal! You can even bring your own pebbles or seaglass to have him make you a personal souvenir from our island!

Another member of our Eco-team:

Anna is a very talented young woman that's an exceptional example for our new generation.
Even though she grew up in America she risked leaving the "easy" way of life and returned to our island to start anew because of the love and the passion for our beautiful island! This period she's starting a new chapter in her life with creating handmade wooden souvenirs and home accessories with the theme of Karpathos and not only..

We also collaborate with local shepherds and farmers to have fresh and quality products every day!

If we survive as a business now, we are sure that other young people will return back.

Environmental responsibility

We work in the Regional Marine Park of Northern Karpathos and Saria Island. So have a strong collaboration with the office of Management Agency. The majority of our activities taking place in Regional Marine Park of Northern Karpathos and Saria Island.
Through our eco-tours we inform our guests about the unique biodiversity and endemic-rare species.
We try to keep the paths in a good condition and we organise beach cleaning twice per year. During our programs we avoid using plastic bags and we prefer to use traditional wood bags in order to combine environmental protection with reinforcement of local economy.
We provide our customers with environmental leaflets about the nature and culture on my island.
To avoid using plastics, we give to our guests traditional fabric bags and Aluminum water bottles.

Social responsibility

The base of our company is the most traditional village in Karpathos, Olympos.
The ultimate aim is to preserve our traditions and costumes imperishable. We never use our local celebrations to attract visitors and also we try to make the other locals to understand that the traditions is not a product we can sell but a treasure from our ancestors we must take care.

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