Zawaya Travel and Tourism

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Zawaya Travel & Tourism is an independent incoming tour operator for Jordan and neighbouring countries that was established to offer a travellerís alternative to mass tourism, placing emphasis on the natural environment, culture and history.

Our utmost aim is always to offer you exceptional value for money in all itineraries whether it is pre-designed or customized up to your personal requests.

We show sights that most tourists do not get to see and are eager to share our knowledge of the cultures and customs of the different ethnic groups living in Jordan.

Member since: 15 Nov 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We provide authentic, experience-rich holidays to responsible and discerning travellers through our community-based ecotourism initiatives to ensure that local economies benefit from our business.

Our Eco-experiences serve community projects, offering those who take their holiday in Jordan the chance to experience what is beyond the archaeological sites, they also get the chance to shop locally made handicrafts from local cooperatives, eat with local families or at local restaurants, use local transport, utilise the services of local tour guides and sleep at local properties.

A percentage of the profit from each tour booked with us goes straight towards encouraging and implementing positive change in our community Ė whether that be creating and giving out food parcels, assisting with building shelters for working animals or our beautiful handicrafts, we are actively looking for new ways to have a positive impact on the community that has given us so much.

Environmental responsibility

We believe that sustainable, sensitive tourism plays an invaluable role in helping preserve the environment. As a responsible tour operator, we work hard to ensure that our operation will have a minimal impact on the natural en-vironment.

The local communities and organisations we work with are able to maintain their traditional way of life whilst pre-serving their land and local ecosystems.

We also reduce waste and pollution and recycle, repair and reuse what we can, both on tour and at our administrative offices.

Our responsible tourism policy commits us to the following principles:

- Our correspondence and promotion is carried out via the Internet and email, minimizing the amount of pa-per.
- Copy and printing machines are set to double side printing. Use of recycled paper.
- We do not print documents or emails unnecessarily.
- We purchase stationery made of recycled materials wherever possible.
- We purchase toilet paper and paper towels made of recycled materials or materials from renew-able/sustainable sources wherever possible.
- We store most data electronically rather than on paper printouts.
- Excursions and attractions in which captive wildlife is held are not offered, except for properly regulated activities in compliance with local, national and international law.
- We encourage our guests to take trips during the off-peak period to prevent overstraining resources.
- We try to source computers, desk phones, photocopiers, printers and fax machines (plus fridges, kettles and other kitchen equipment) which have been proven to use electricity efficiently and have energy saving functions.
- We turn off all appliances overnight (except necessary servers).
- We recycle printer cartridges and purchase recycled cartridges where possible.
- Water savers are installed in our toilets.

Social responsibility

We work closely with local initiatives that create trips for the urban community to travel, participate, and experience Jordanís heritage and roots in interactive workshops led by the local community. These visits/workshops aim to be a mutually beneficial experience for the visitor and host and we encourage our guests to impart their own knowledge of their particular industry/or culture as well as listen to the thoughts and discussion of the host.

We also offer study tours for undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers in sustainability-related disciplines who wish to conduct research or practical work on the ground in Jordan. These tours allow them to study how community-based eco-tourism is used as a tool for sustainable development and conservation, and how it empowers local communities and protects their cultures.

We are also committed to the following:
- Providing our guests with country specific information and encourage individuals to learn about the religion, geography, climate, environmental issues, etc., about Jordan.
- Making sure Tour Leaders give locally-specific information about the destination, its heritage value and/or environmental significance, keeping it lively and interesting.
- Including visits to community projects on trips to raise awareness and engage passenger support for the projects.
- Using local representatives and specialist guides. Almost all of the specialist guides (used to inform our clients about local attractions, treks and other special excursions) are locally sourced. This ensures knowl-edgeable, enthusiastic staff, thorough guiding and support of local individuals and businesses.