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Request more information or book(Gift vouchers can be used with this operator) (CAT) is a young, innovative and creative travel agency founded by a group of skilled and motivated professionals with experience of more than fourteen years in tourism.

CAT specialized in customized active holidays across China for people who prefer independent and adventurous traveling. We aim to offer a variety of unique experiences for you, take you to discover the real China, and create a trip that will last in your memory for a lifetime!
Member since: 05 Dec 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We are pioneering eco-tourism in China by advocating responsible travel practices. We believe that local people are more familiar with their local culture and life. In order to give our clients a real experience in each area, we choose to employ local guides to accompany groups visiting local communities. We also provide benefit to local communities by supporting them in preserving their culture, and in using local resources where practical.

The non-profit organizations we are working with are
1, Beijing Huiling Community Service for people with learning disabilities,
2, Beijing Bethel Foundation Limited, more details please kindly check the link:
3, Half the Sky Foundation,
4, Roots & Shoots, it is an international hands-on environmental and humanitarian education program
5. Sunvillage which is dedicated to the children of Chinese convicts and fights for their survival and development.

Environmental responsibility

All our tours involve great respect for the natural surroundings in which we travel. We aim to introduce you to delicate ecosystems while, in our own small way, helping to preserve what remains of wild places.
We ask everyone not to collect or pick anything from these places, and not to leave any litter - particularly fruit peel etc. as this takes a long time to biodegrade and could attract wild animals, thereby endangering their lives.
Preserve eco-system think green! Leave nothing except your footprints; take nothing except photographs and garbage!
Our eco-commitments are:
1, Use environmentally means of transportation (e.g. horse, bicycle, foot);
2, Protect wild flora and fauna ;
3, Recycle and dispose of waste appropriately ;
4, Donating medicines and other life-necessities directly to communities and people in need.

Social responsibility

Most of our trips cover the remote areas which steeped in history with historical interest. The part of the area has not been well developed like Beijing and Shanghai. While it is good to enjoy the well-protected nature view and experience unique primitive fork customs. And since less education, less income in some of these rural counties, we provide benefit to local communities by hiring local people, using local accommodation and meals and etc.

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