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RealWorld Holidays is a tailor-made holiday company specialising in South America, currently serving: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and the Galapagos, and Peru. As a relatively small company, RealWorld prides itself on delivering a personalised service, sharing expert knowledge and local tips with their customers. All holidays booked through RealWorld aim to have an independent feel, with 24-hour assistance and ATOL protection.
Member since: 19 Dec 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

In order to ensure we have a positive impact on local economies we:

Only use local suppliers, which helps keep the money generated through tourism within local communities through employment of local guides, drivers and reps.

Always recommend locally-owned restaurants and hotels where possible, aiming to support local communities and give customers the opportunity to ‘travel like a local’. We also provide customers with a list of recommended restaurants tailor-made to their destination and dietary requirements but with a focus on family-run restaurants.

Only use tour operators with similar ethical beliefs, for example, fair wages and appropriate working conditions for cooks and porters on the Inca Trail.

Are a member of Sustainable Travel International, a leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting awareness, appreciation and respect for local people and the environment through education and outreach programmes.

Environmental responsibility

In order to ensure we protect the environment and minimise our ecological footprint we:

Recycle in our UK office and use recycled ink cartridges. We also minimise our waste by limiting the number of holiday brochures we print. Instead, we refer potential customers to our online resources and send most of our holiday information via email.

Always recommend overland travel using local transportation as opposed to short domestic flights where possible.

Are a member of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association, which aims to preserve and protect the area by promoting responsible, well-regulated, low impact Galapagos Islands holidays and by supporting critical conservation initiatives and scientific research there.

Work with Inkaterra in Peru, who have pioneered ecotourism and sustainable development in the country since 1975. They are committed to scientific research and conservation, and are able to offer biodiversity and culture through their authentic travel experiences.

Work with InkaNatura in Peru, who offer ecotourism opportunities and have a number of conservation initiatives, including the Macaw Conservation Project which has helped the species to breed in areas affected by deforestation. They also contribute heavily to the maintenance of national parks, reserves and archaeological sites.

Work with a range of eco lodges in the Amazon and Pantanal in Brazil, including the Araras Eco Lodge who have a number of Environmental Preservation Programmes aimed at boosting species numbers and protecting local environments from deforestation and pollution.

Social responsibility

In order to ensure we provide socially responsible holidays, we:

Encourage our guides to promote responsible purchasing of handmade items and genuine local crafts, rather than buying imported good.

Offer a range of cultural activities aimed at supporting local economies and preserving local cultures, including: homestays with local families on Lake Titicaca; visiting community projects in the Sacred Valley; and visiting communities in the Amazon.

Provide pre-departure information on social and cultural issues in each location, including language guides, and advice on how to travel responsibly and respectfully.

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