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ImpacTrip is a tour operator which promotes Responsible Travel Experiences in Portugal.

Discover Portugal on a responsible and unforgettable trip that combines the best of traveling like a local with a positive social and environmental impact on the local communities. Get to know the locals, absorb Portuguese culture, eat delicious and healthy food, and get the best out of your holidays on a trip that will make your stay a meaningful experience
Member since: 19 Dec 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Local and fair employment
- We created 3 new jobs in 2016
- All our guides are local people recruited on the site of the tour;
- We created a program that provides free training to people who were homeless in Lisbon and are now being supported by a social institution, allowing them to be guides on tours through the sites where they had happy moments while explaining how was Lisbon back on their time. This is a social project so the revenues of these tours are split 70-30: 70% for the guides and 30% for ImpacTrip, to assure the sustainability of the project.
- All our staff have a contract and a fair wage.

Local and responsible sourcing
- We select our suppliers based on their economic responsibility policy.
- We give preference to buying local products whenever possible.
- We host 90% of our travellers in socially-drive accommodations. We collaborated with 4 social institutions that developed tourism projects and transformed their facilities to receive our guests. We pay them a fair rate and this contributes 100% for the financial sustainability of their social mission.
- We developed socially-driven restaurants together with some social organizations that already had the infrastructure and equipment to feed hundreds of beneficiaries and only needed the know-how to launch this service and target the tourists. We suggest their services to the people who travel with us.
- To print documents (apart from A4 size) we use copy shops managed by one of our social partners that employ homeless, or former-homeless people, who are drug-free and are participating in their rehabilitation programs.
- In 2016 alone, accounting for donations and paid services, we have transferred over 60,000 to our social and environmental partners

Environmental responsibility

Our environmental impact is mainly related to our business operations as we minimize all possible administrative impacts.

Prevention approach
- We regularly examine ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of our operation.
- We implemented processes of recycling and paper reuse at the office and incentivize recycling procedures on the ecosystem our offices are located (which comprehends over 200 other companies).
- Our staff comes to the office by public transportation.
- We move around the city to meet with partners by public transportation.
- Our brochures are only sent digitally, never printed.
- We include information regarding water and paper consumption reduction, energy savings, environmental protection, and the importance of buying locally sourced products, on the pre-arrival document.

Impact minimization initiatives
- We select our suppliers based on their sustainability policy.
- We primarily suggest electric transportation options for our program transfers.
- We promote programs in 7 different sites in Portugal that directly benefit Natural Reservations, protected parks and environmental NGOs: In these programs, travellers dedicate their time to contribute to the protection of the environment by planting trees, maintaining the park, staying at an accommodation of the Park itself, or by just contributing financially to the environmental partner.
- We promote programs in 5 different sites in Portugal that directly benefit the Marine ecosystem: These programs aim at raising awareness for the importance of marine conservation: Travellers collect trash from the Ocean and, together, we have cleaned over 588 Kgs of trash from the Atlantic Ocean on the coastline of Albufeira and Cascais.
- We will launch at least 3 more environmental protection projects in rural areas, in 2017

Social responsibility

Our business model is directly and undoubtedly linked with our social responsibility, as one cannot exist without the other. The positive social impact of our operations is an intrinsic part of how we operate and adding value to the service itself and to the experience of the customer.
Social responsibility on the relationship with suppliers
- We select our suppliers based on their social responsibility policy.
- We conduct regular meetings and maintain ongoing communication efforts with our social partners to ensure that the volunteers bring an added value to their mission.
- We conduct regular surveys to understand the satisfaction of our social partners regarding our support and communication.
- We give preference to suppliers which have a social mission. In fact, 90% of our suppliers are social institutions.

Social responsibility on operations
- All travellers are provided with accurate and complete pre-trip information about the social and political situation in Portugal, particularly safety concerns.
- On the pre-arrival document, we include information regarding local culture and traditions that should be respected.
- We regularly suggest special opportunities for our travellers to visit our social partners and understand what their mission is about. Sometimes they also join their activities.
- We have supported some of our 200 partners with over 5800 hours of volunteer work since the beginning of 2016.
- We suggest hand-made products built/created by our social partners as souvenirs for our travellers.

Internal social responsibility
- We offer benefits to our staff that promote a healthy lifestyle (ex. Discounts on gyms, restaurants, etc)
- Our staff can, and are incentivized to, dedicate at least 2 hours per week volunteering at a local NGO.
- All the food that is not eaten during a meeting or an event that we organize which remains untouched is donated to one of our partners: they will redistribute it on the same day to a family in need

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