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Spirit Journeys Worldwide are experts at creating itineraries which create memories that last a life time. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our holidays. We make it our mission to fully immerse you in the local culture and customs of our destinations. We are experts at putting together your dream travel itinerary. Our tailor made tours are designed around your requirements and we can turn your dream holiday into a reality. Our tailor made tours team have travelled extensively to all of our regions and bring a wealth of in-depth knowledge to your holiday planning. Their personal experience enables them to design fully customized holidays that showcase the very best a country has to offer but in such a way that they match your individual travel needs and wishes. Committed to customer service excellence from the very first point of enquiry, we are proud to provide you with so much more than your average travel company.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We work with charities from around the world at no charge to them. We add zero commission to any of project fees paid directly to the project themselves. Here is an example of charity community that we work with: http://www.birchwoodhighland.org.uk/events/2017/4/1/trek

All of our projects are run by local companies who employ local staff and contribute to the local economy. Each organisation has been carefully and personally chosen. We do employ local guides who are professional, multilingual and knowledgeable about areas where they are guiding.

For our Scotland tours, we work with the local authority and the University of the Highlands to ensure our travellers experience the real Scotland and the real History.

When we create our tours, we book only local hotels in order to take part in the economical improvement of these tourist destinations. Before booking, we always check if hotels are taking care of their environment (if they have policies for recycling, minimizing energy, etc.).
Here is example of hotels that we use: http://www.welcomheritagehotels.in/about.html. We also support Indian heritage hotels association (http://indianheritagehotels.com/restoration.asp) by booking only hotels that are part of this organization.

Spirit Journeys Worldwide supports local social projects. We suggest our to our clients to visit certain local projects, we put them in our itineraries.

Environmental responsibility

Spirit Journeys Worldwide is very environmentally conscious and aware of its footprint. We are putting all our efforts to educate our travelers to be aware of their impact to the ecosystems and to act responsible.

Our correspondence and promotion is carried out via the Internet and email, minimizing the amount of paper. We offer paper free brochures. All tour details are available in full online and in PDF form. We also use hotels that have an environmental responsibility program in place.

Excursions and attractions in which captive wildlife is held are not offered, except for properly regulated activities in compliance with local, national and international low. Any disturbance of natural ecosystem is minimised. Respecting the environment (ie. not wasting water, littering or destruction of the environment etc.) is considered standard practice, and anyone who did not follow these basic rules would not be welcome on any of our tours. We offer full advice and guidance specific to each project, to each and every of our participants.

Social responsibility

Our tours are designed to show and preserve local culture and tradition. During our active tours, we include at least 1 local visit daily whether it is stone mason school, local gallery, wine cellar, olive oil production, lavender oil production or similar.

On our culinary trips we are cooperating mostly with local farms, restaurants, who prepare home made products and serve to our guests. On this tours it is possible to taste ancient specialties, see unique sites (old stone olive press, wine cellars) and hear “special “stories which cannot be found and seen in most of restaurants.

All of our travellers are provided with detailed pre-departure support, codes of conduct and in country information, and strongly encouraged to get involved in the local culture and society.

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