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PETASSOS is an agency that organizes walking tours and historical, environmental, cultural trips that take you across space and time.

We address people who would like to experience the feeling of being true wayfarers and are interested not only in sightseeing but also in interpreting and understanding what they see, hear or touch.

Having crisscrossed the Cretan land for more than 15 years, the people of PETASSOS TRAVEL know deeply this multifaceted island.

Archaeologists, historians, biologists, geologists, mountaineers, speleologists, scholar of Cretan culture and people and authors of travel guides, the people of Petassos Travel recommend excursions to take you to the most beautiful, immaculate and unexplored parts of the island where you can encounter its authentic culture; such trips experientially approach recreation and knowledge, always focusing on CULTURE AND NATURE.
Member since: 10 Jan 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

It is our main goal as a business to collaborate with local specialists and to unite the latent ‘powers’ of our is-land, young and capable people that are good at certain fields, in order to surpass the Greek economic crises, with respect to each one’s capacities but also to the nature and culture of Crete and Greece.

We have contacted to all the people (artists, producers, cooks, locals in general) that we know that are good at what they are doing and we asked them to cooperate by creating programmes under a specific organization… in that way we organized a great deal of travelling proposals, some of which I mention below:

- A day in the fields of aromatic herbs with Vassilis and Theofilos (young local producers that follow tech-niques of natural produce) at the plateau of Sitia
- A day of cooking with Handpicked Greece
- A day with local seed production
- Cheese making with the shepherds of Psiloritis

For all these programs, we cooperate separately with our experts and organize seminars for how to ‘perform’ with visitors, in nature ..

Environmental responsibility

A sustainable environmental approach is our first and most important goal. Being cavers, alpinists, trekkers for more than 20 years, we are passionate with nature. Bird-watching, caving, trekking, plant-observation etc… All are presented by specialists (biologists, etc) and are balancing between recreation and seminar…in that way people / travellers get into the core of special environmental biodiversity..

We select hikes through unknown natural trails, in national parks we take with us all rubbish or other items that do not belong in the landscape, we enjoy the scents and view of aromatic and other plants, and only photograph them, without removing them. We also avoid fires and smoking.

Strictly we provide our food drink products from our own gardens and small local shops that buy their products from producers and areas we know (Crete is small…)

Unfortunately we are obliged many times to use 4X4 because no other cars can go in dirt roads we go, however we are aware of the problem of carbon dioxide emissions and we only use vehicles where nessessary; that’s why… WE WALK/TREK A LOT!

Until we have more environmentally friendly vehicles to use, we do collect used olive oil and give it to a local chemist who produces petrol for the cars.

We recycle all plastic and glass.

Water consumption has been an ongoing problem in Crete for generations, conserving a reducing water consumption is in our culture.

Social responsibility

At PETASSOS we organize outings, trips and tours that are centered on the representation of an event in history, on a human activity or on tracing the outline of a natural phenomenon. Our “narratives” have a beginning, a middle and an end. However, the lead actors in our narrations are the people who choose to travel with us. In our stories there are no silent participants or “cameo roles”.

Our excursions are organized by specialists on the theme of each journey: geologists, biologists, anthropologists, archaeologists or people who have had “hands-on” experience in activities that are now disappearing from modern life.

The group of travelers with PETASSOS end up becoming a group of friends, or “parea” in Greek, who usually stay friends for life.
This means that issues such as ‘accommodation’ and ‘meals’, are tackled, taking into consideration the acquaintance of our travelers with the local characteristics of the area we visit; the gastronomic culture and the customs of the locals. In that sense, the accommodation is generally simple, following all the hygiene and safety rules, and the meals include exclusively organic products produced by local farmers and are based on the local gastronomic culture of the area we visit each time.

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