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This a women owned company which came into existence for providing economic independence ie a secure job for women who were left by their husbands(in India the scenario is much diff than the west) and had a small child. In this process the company AJ TRAVELS came into existence. And now for a much bigger purpose of integrating all kinds of small craftsmans ,skills artisans together and arrange a different experience for our global friends to see cherish learn and see life differently. ITS DIFFERENT WITH AJ (ABUNDANT JOY) TRAVELS , we focus on better things in life ie getting smiles everywhere….
Member since: 16 Jan 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We generally employ local people only. There is gender neutrality in our office. We are associated with special children ngos ,plus as a policy matter support one girl child each year. Apart from this ,the director of our company works extensively for women entrepreneurship and economic development.

We educate the travellers to buy locally made handicrafts, shop at local markets, eat at local restaurants and stay at home stays, employ local tour guides thereby enhancing the economy of local people.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility by using solar energy, reducing use of paper by ensuring all promotional activities are carried out through internet and make the office paperless by using LAN and resort to minimal printing. Encourage the staff to make use of bicycles at least twice a week to commute to office and use public transport.. Propagate and organise tree plantation in consultation with various schools and colleges.

Encourage travellers to conserve water like reducing the number of showers, using a shower bucket, turning off the tap when not required like while brushing teeth or scrubbing hands, use less water while bathing, flushing with less.

Certain other guidelines like not to litter, avoid using plastic bags, try and use public transport.

Don't be tempted to touch wildlife and disturb their habitats, Be careful in buying souvenirs specially those which involve endangered species , Not to leave any rubbish on the beach. Boats and ski rides are disturbing to wildlife. Dispose rubbish responsibly so as not to endanger the wildlife

Social responsibility

Our vision is based on our passion towards social responsibility .Our tour itineraries highlight visit to such places and use of different tours like a cycling tour through the rustic villages of india. See life differently see the different colors of life and live them all.
We ensure

Respect of local customs and traditions, participation in local festivals, encourage feasting on local cuisines and cherish folklore.

Share a meal with the locals, see the colours of a forest floor, taste a wild berry, or touch the cool waters of an ancient step well? When you respect a place, its culture and its terrain, it reveals a lot more than guidebooks ever will.

Travel in smaller groups and not litter the place.

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