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SUP Norway provides stand up paddling (SUP) courses, company/group events & 5 day guided fjord expeditions/tours.
Member since: 07 Feb 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We consider SUP Norway to be a social entrepreneurial venture in that our inclusive policy is not compromised by our financial growth.

SUP Norway works closely with child welfare organisations within Norway and often provides free SUP instruction/day trips for children experiencing difficulties (13-18 years old) and employees within this system throughout the summer months.

We usually give discounts to groups if they demonstrate that they are of a social or supportive nature.

Example: In 2016 we gave a 35% discount on 3 courses to a group recovering from drug dependency and also 35% discount on 3 courses to a group supporting people affected by tunnel blindness (Retinitis Pigmentosa Foreningen).

We support the local community school, on occasion offering free instruction and use of equipment.

Environmental responsibility

SUP Norway's area of operations for our expeditions are mainly in Sognefjord, Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord (a UNESCO world heritage site).

We communicate with the local authorities and are aware and up to date of all local and national environmental policies.

By it's very nature, our stand up paddle tours have a very low impact on the environment. Our groups are kept small (Max 12 guests), we are quiet, use no petrochemicals or detergents and we mainly make use of the provided compost toilets at camping areas along the fjord. When leaving a site we always clear the area and if rubbish is found that is not ours, we will also clear that where possible.

Dolphins ('Nise' – Harbour porpoise) are common in Sognefjord and we have a 'no approach' policy. Rather we stop paddling and let them come to us if they are so inclined.

As a lifelong surfer and experienced free diver SUP Norway's founder is very much aware of the impact modern man has upon the marine environment and is dedicated to ensuring that all our activities have an absolute minimal impact upon our area of operations and where possible, a positive one.

Social responsibility

We favour small businesses that use locally sourced and/or organic produce.

Example: A popular stop is at Undredal where the local restaurant is famous for it's Goat produce : meats, sausages & cheeses from it's own herd of goats found grazing up on the steep banks of Aurlandsfjord.

We also make an effort to introduce guests to Norwegian foods, customs and traditions during the expeditions.

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