Crossogue Equestrian Centre

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Crossogue is now run by Mark Molloy, one of six children who grew up on the farm. Crossogue has always been an open family home with people and horses being an integral part of day to day life. This has not changed and our guests have a real sense of being part of it all.
2016 marks 25 years since we had our first guests, it has been a truly wonderful journey to date and we hope to continue to build on this by seeing lots of regular faces as well as new ones in the years to come!
Member since: 07 Feb 2017

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Economic responsibility

We have seasonal positions as well as trainee positions throughout the year for local people, as well as for students from abroad. Crossogue is about people and horses and there is always a wonderful team atmosphere. We help students and horse passionate people to get priceless experience and learn in nice, calm environment.

We organise contests and regional promotions, we are active partners with local organizations like: Tipperary Food Producers or GreenHospitality epa.

Good home cooked meals using local and fresh produce, including from our vegetable garden when possible, are a big part of the Crossogue experience.

Environmental responsibility

Crossogue is approved and a member of the Green Hospitality programme.

Domestically we have an energy saving and a recycling policy in place and all our heating and hot water needs are provided by a log burner, using logs from fallen trees and thinning from our forestry. As we have a planting programme in place, this is a totally renewable source of energy.

On the farm, we use straw for bedding which given time to decompose, is then used to fertilise the land. All waste from the maintenance of the pleasure grounds are composted and used as fertiliser for the shrubs and plants.

We sell some of our foals, while others we keep on until they are 3 year olds when they will be sold or kept at Crossogue for racing. The horses we keep spend their lives in herds, on rotating pasture throughout the year. This is as one with nature and we believe that this allows them to realise their full potential, mentally and physically before embarking on a career in racing.
Our mares also live outside all the time, just coming in to foal in the Spring, before returning to the
Broodmare herd with their foal.

We reuse and recycle paper, in our guest house you will find two different bins for wet and dry waste. Because we take care of environment our marketing policy is based on social media and e-commerce marketing, we donít use brochures, flyers, leaflets, pull-ups.

Our Holidays are in 100% Eco-Friendly, and we are trying to keep everything how it was 50
years ago.

Social responsibility

While we offer tuition in a number of disciplines, our specialty is riding in open countryside and we offer riders of all standards the opportunity to enjoy riding throughout Crossogue farm.

With our expert instructors and well trained horses in cross-country jumping you will quickly develop the confidence to tackle our large selection of well-made obstacles for all standards ofrider.

On Sundays, the only non riding day, guests go on an excursion to a place or event of interest and to see a little of Ireland in the process.

Markís parents Tony and Veronica also live on the farm and run the well known and award winning Crossogue Preserves (www, which produces an extensive range of hand-made preserves. These exciting flavours are sampled by our guests on a daily basis!

Our 85 handmade, full flavoured fruity jams, marmalades, jellies, coulis, curds, chutneys and relishes of which a number have won Awards including the Great Taste Awards, Blas na hEireann Award, Bridgestone Award and most recently a Silver Award at the Dalemain World Marmalade Awards in the UK. The company is well established and traditional family recipes are used without artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. Crossogue Preserves are found in most leading specialist gourmet food stores and delicatessens, which has attributed to the flourishing success of the company.

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