La Petite Fermette

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Since 2009 we (Anouk and René) have been living in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Here we are leading a holistic and almost self-sufficient life. We do as much as we can ourselves, with each other and with our environment. In this way, we can handle electricity, money, food, water, rest and space in a sustainable way.

La Petite Fermette is an expression of our way of living. Here we live in and with nature, we can grow our vegetables by permaculture, creating lovely vegetarian meals, giving holistic massages to keep our body, spirit and soul healthy and above all we can deeply enjoy all that life has got to offer.

This is why in the season of 2017 we will organise holistic living- doing- experiencing- working-weeks at la Petite Fermette in a small setting (min. 2 guests and max. 6 guests). Our guests will stay in our very comfortable and cosy ecological holiday home.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

It will be clear we do the most of the work our selffs and together with local people iff necessary...
We organise courses, walks and things like that for our surroundings
We work together with local organic farmers and restaurants.
We don´t use a lot of money in our susainable way of living. A big part of what we urn goes back in our susainable way of living. (investing in an little windmill, solar panels, water cleaning system...etc)

Environmental responsibility

We are aware of that we are nature. So at La Petite Fermette we act like this.
The guests stay in our ecological holiday home.
We use rain water as main water source, for shower, toilet and washing machine and watering the vegetable garden iff necessary.
We have a solar shower in our bathroom outside in the vegetable garden.
We growing our own food as much as we can by permaculture and share this with our environment.
We grow food for our animals who live as natural as possible.
We use old and waist materials to build or rebuild things.
We cook everyting from scratch so have hardly any waist.
We us so little electricity.
We heat the house by wooden stove.
We live in the middle of the woods wich we really respect and live with. We use the many thing nature has to offer.
Guests are only allowed to use ecological body product like showergel, soap, toothpaste and shampoo...
We only use eceolgical cleaningproducts and toiletpaper.
We sharing these weeks so people can experience and get more aware of how to live in an ecological an sustainable way.
With everyting we do we are aware of the holistic live.
We encourage our guests ....only to use what they really need.

Social responsibility

We use local materials for the garden, eat out our garden (seasonal products)
If we buying products its mostly local produce.
We work together with other projects and organic farms in the surroundings.
We share vegetables with our environment (neighbours, visitors, restaurants)
We exchange a lot of things with our environment, massages, starting up vegetable gardens, organising walks, meetings for more sustainable living.
We have the sheep with more people in the hamlet.
Our guests have the possibility to visit local markets with local (organic)producers, organic farms and other local trips.

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