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Adventuresque offer extreme adventure vacation and family adventure vacation packages in the Dominican Republic
Member since: 24 Feb 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The owner of Adventuresque guides each eco-adventure with a local Dominican guide. Accommodations are locally owned, and meals are cooked from local people at locally owned restaurants.

Environmental responsibility

The lodges, hotels, and farms we use for our accommodations use solar power, rain water collection, practice composting, have working aquaponic systems, practice permaculture farming, and have botanical gardens.

Our eco-adventures regularly have trash collection days, spearhead reef restoration projects, and use leave no trace practices.

We feel that protecting the local environment for future adventurers is part of the future of this planet as well as the future of our business.

Social responsibility

The Dominican Republic is a tourist friendly country. We feel that sustainable tourism practices must be upheld during the entire adventure vacation. Many areas of the Dominican Republic have been ruined by unsustainable tourism practices.

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