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Tokoloshi Expeditions operate exclusive wildlife and hiking adventures on the wild coast of South Africa's East Coast between Port Elizabeth and Durban. Specializing in small groups and off the beaten track expeditions.
Member since: 27 Feb 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Tokoloshi Expeditions only employ locally qualified guides who have been trained and selected by the owner – Ralph Kirsten who is a Field guide association of South Africa trainer and assessor. Ralph seeks to uplift the local communities of the Eastern Cape of South Africa by only employing guides who are from the area and trained by him. In this way the best experiences are passed on to the guests through local guides who know the history, culture and traditions of the Xhosa people who inhabit the area as well as knowing all the most interesting and beautiful areas through local knowledge. At the same time creating employment for the locals in their own backyard and gaining important upliftment through tourism and ploughing much needed money back into the local communities.

All food utilized while on tour on the wild coast is sourced locally and as far as possible we refrain from using the large chain stores for supplies. Local fruit and vegetables are purchased from the local markets in Port Alfred (company base), Bathurst, and Port St. Johns. All the products are grown and produced organically with no genetic modification or steroids from small-scale farmers in the different areas. In this way we support local employment and naturally produced products, which benefits both the local producer as well as the guests on tour as the food eaten is of natural origin, and supports local fresh produce suppliers.

We also support local ocean harvesters for our seafood supplies that have been sustainably harvested including local bag and size limits as well as having the permits according to the local legal requirements. Ocean products purchased include, line fish, crayfish, oysters and mussels.

Environmental responsibility

Tokoloshi Expeditions supports and strives to create more interest in the less visited nature reserves of the Eastern Cape such as: Mkambathi, Silaka, Hluleka, Dwesa, & Cwebe nature reserves which all protect very important local biodiversity and administered by the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency. Through conservation and tourism, uplifting the local communities while conserving important wild areas incorporated in the Cape floral kingdom and marine protected areas.

We educate our guests on wise water usage, as South Africa is a water scarce country and where possible utilize rain water harvested at our base in Port Alfred for drinking as well as re-using drinking bottles throughout. We also educate our guests on which products to buy from the locals which are sustainable and locally produced such as not supporting ocean harvesters with under size sea creatures for consumption.

Important ecological concepts are imparted to our guests and self-sustainability is our theme throughout. We only print onto paper when absolutely necessary at our base and re-use paper back and front before being used as firelighters on our trips. We refill our printer cartridges at our base at least 3 times each, saving on the plastic which is required in producing these cartridges.

Through training of our local guides we also send a conservation theme back into the local communities with an understanding of conserving the local surroundings as it leads to economic input through employment and tourism.

Social responsibility

Only local guides from the Eastern Cape are employed by Tokoloshi Expeditions, fulfilling an important role in the different communities and our guides understand the local culture and tradition and take our guests through remote villages while educating our guests on the customs and traditions of the Xhosa people. Visiting different villages and bringing guests to these remote areas enables the locals to sell their special curios and interact with guests from foreign lands while supporting them economically.

We support local accommodation establishments that uplift the local communities through employment and tourism – such as White clay resort in Coffee Bay, Mazeppa Bay Hotel, and Wavecrest Hotel. On another level we also utilize local coastal self catering cottages all along the Wild coast who employ locals for servicing the cottages and purchase their fresh ocean harvests to add to our guest menu’s.

The local children on the wild coast, over the years of sparse tourist visits have obviously been given sweets as a gift in return for photo’s of them…When travelling with Tokoloshi Expeditions we prefer giving fruit to the children with the same result for the guests but more healthy for the children and we are attempting to change the children’s cry of ‘SWEETS!’ to ‘FRUIT!’…

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