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The Travel Specialists is a small UK-based tour operator specialising in luxury adventure holidays to East Africa, South America and Antarctica. Our extensive knowledge of the regions we offer and network of contacts on the ground enables us to put together original travel itineraries and honeymoons tailored to each client.
Member since: 03 Mar 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- Most of our local suppliers are small companies and are based in the country in which they operate.
- We avoid recommending large hotel chains or cruise boats in favour of locally owned-owned hotels and lodges to ensure that profits remain in the local destination.
- In Africa we are a preferred supplier for and recommend companies such as Asilia, Nomads, &Beyond and Wilderness Safaris who all have a very strong community and conservation arm with dedicated personnel who fulfil a whole range of different projects. Each of our clients that stays in one of their properties contributes a small conservation and community fee.

Environmental responsibility

- As a small web-based business, most of our documents and communications are sent electronically and we are almost exclusively a paper free office.
- We prefer to use hotels which have an environmental policy in place and and try to minimise their impact on the environment.
- We actively try to support local conservation efforts in the destinations we promote, for example through the donations we make to the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund in Chile. Any clients wishing to see the work of the Fund first-hand are also encouraged to visit while they are in the area.

Social responsibility

- We prefer to recommend hotels that employ local staff and guides to ensure that the local economy benefits from tourism. In our experience, clients have a much richer experience when they are able to gain an insight into the local culture and way of life through interaction with local staff and guides. For example in Peru we work with Inkaterra and Mountain Lodges of Peru, in Chile the Tierra properties and in Brazil, lodges like Cristalino and Caiman.
- Where possible we try and contribute to community projects in the destinations we send clients to. This in-cludes initiatives such as the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund and Farm Africa, which is a charity promoting sustainable farming practices in Kenya and Tanzania.

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